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AmyDV: Matrox Monarch specialist center offer


If you buy any device from the Matrox Monarch family and you will receive a FREE three-hour training/ seminar on the use and the issues relating to streaming on the internet! AmyDV offers a unique experience in the areas of streaming, offering professional solutions and services since 1996. We share with you this experience in customized three-hour sessions normally costing 199 € (includes VAT 24%).... Continue reading

AmyDV watched KAYAK training

AmyDV engineers attended training on the new application platform that Digital Rapids promotes. This platform named Kayak ™ simplifies the process of creating the work related to handling files Audio video. The training included introduction to Kayak and Transcode manager 2.0, which is the first application that was built on the new platform, new features, in-depth technical analysis platform,... Continue reading

ADC Academy

The ADC™ Academy offers courses and a full certification programme, providing participants with a full understanding of installation, operation and maintenance. More Information: {filelink=11} Continue reading

Subtitling solution for ODEON by AmyDV and FAB

AmyDV installed at ODEON also a FAB subtitling workstation. FAB-Subtitler has dominated the market due to the rich featureset and the very strong development which is spread to all customers with valid maintenance agreements, irespective of the version the began with. ODEON uses FAB installed by AmyDV mainly on HD movies pre-distribution. For information on FAB please contact or call... Continue reading

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