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  • Xmas Special


  • Xmas Special


  • Mini V-Lok Batteries

    ίδια περιφερειακά και W μισό μέγεθςο και βάρος!

  • Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Amazing indoor natural light shots

  • Κάντε το επόμενο βήμα

    με την βοήθεια της AmyDV και του ΕΣΠΑ

Media, Broadcast & Playout and OTT

Broadcast IT is our main occupation and from here our expertise in all peripheral areas is drawn. Reliability Since 1994 we have installed more than 100 playout systems in TV stations...

Production, Post Production and Studios

Animation, Compositing, Broadcast IT, Storage, Camera and Accessories, Converters, Adaptors, Digital Cinema, DCP, Editing, Graphics, Monitors, Subtitling, Motion Control, Motion Capture,...

AV Tech for Education, Medical, forensic and Research

Digital Imaging capture systems, Open Architecture, DICOM, Medical labs care managment (DICOM MAM), Interactive Class rooms, Virtual Reality systems, Research motion analysis and many...

Museums, VideoWalls and Thematic parks

Digital Cinema, DCP, Conference rooms, Security, Control Rooms, Display Systems, Video Wall, Show control, NOC…. There are many installations that require reliable and flexible solutions...

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