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ATHENSA LLC has the right to use trademarks known as Subtitle Plus, DataBox, CaptureBox, ListBox, AirBox, TitleBox, PlayBox etc

Η Digital Media Technologies OOD, ιδιοκτήτρια των τίτλων πνευματικής ιδιοκτησίας των προϊόντων λογισμικού, των εγχειριδίων, των βάσεων δεδομένων και των εμπορικών σημάτων (trademarks) γνωστών ως Subtitle Plus, DataBox, CaptureBox, ListBox, AirBox, TitleBox κ.λπ. καθώς... Continue reading

ATHENSA demonstrated latest developments at BroadcastAsia 2016.

ATHENSA, the new broadcast technology platform originator, chose BroadcastAsia 2016 to demonstrate its latest developments – AirBox 7, TitleBox 7 and CaptureBox 7. Those are the first ATHENSA solutions to be integrated into NAKED, the company’s complete solution which provides one unified workspace environment for all ATHENSA solutions. Visitors at the stand were able to experience first-hand the... Continue reading

Αναβαθμίστε την παλιά σας άδεια λογισμικού AirBox ή TitleBox με τη νεότερη έκδοση “Channel-in-a-Box” HD που ενισχύεται από την AmyDV και την ATHENSA έως 31 Μαρτίου 2016 για μόλις 800€ + ΦΠΑ.

Εάν είστε κάτοχος AIRBOX ή TITLEBOX  η ΑmyDV και η Athensa, σας προσφέρουν μια μοναδική ευκαιρία για να αναβαθμίσετε στην πλήρη σουίτα Channel-in-a-Box της δημιουργού της κατηγορίας, PlayBox, με κόστος μόνο 800 € + ΦΠΑ. Το “Channel-in-a-Box” HD έχει αξία... Continue reading

ATHENSA: The game-changing broadcast platform.

ATHENSA LLC introduces an ingenious new business model which offers the next generation of innovative technology for channel origination and media workflow automation. “ATHENSA is the next indisputable logical step in the further development of PlayBox Technology”, says Vassil Lefterov, Founder and CEO of ATHENSA. “Today, broadcast technology standards and demands are rapidly changing and that... Continue reading