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ERT equipped with Harris Test and Measurement solution

AmyDV and Harris installed a number of test and measurement equipment at ERT studio control rooms and labs. The decision was based on the most […] Continue reading

Extended subtitling setup at GBStudios

Good Brothers Studios extended their subtitling setup with the aquisition of 2 new seats of F.A.B. (FAB) Suntitling solutions provided by AmyDV (AMy Digital Video). […] Continue reading

Next generation Real-time graphics engine at CreteTV

The Inscriber® G5™ XT broadcast graphics system delivers a robust and complete HD/SD live-to-air solution. It pairs the powerful Altitude™ Express graphics board — offering […] Continue reading

BackUp Systems from AmyDV


Στην σημερινή ψηφιακή εποχή, η ασφαλής αποθήκευση του υλικού μας, είτε αυτό είναι Φωτογραφίες είτε Βίντεο είναι πλέον επιτακτική.  Αυτό που ζητά η αγορά, είναι […] Continue reading

Mega control room multiviewer installation, Harris Predator II GX

Harris Predator II GX

After careful choice and in collaboration with Mega Channel, AmyDV installed in Control #2 of Mega Channel, a multiviewer of the new line Harris Predator […] Continue reading

The labs.OpenGov workshop on the internet from AmyDV

ΑΜΥ Digital Video equipment for live coverage of day conference labs.OpenGov via web. For more information contact with: ΑΜΥ Digital Video T. : 210 6133000 E-mail: [email protected] Continue reading

H μεγαλύτερη εγκατάσταση δικτύων Digital Signage στον χώρο της υγείας

Σε χώρους ψυχαγωγίας και ενημέρωσης μετατράπηκαν οι αίθουσες αναμονής σε μεγάλες κλινικές και μαιευτήρια της Αθήνας με τo InfoCaster™ της Harris Corporation  Το Amy Digital […] Continue reading

Netmed, multichannel broadcast subtitling installation

AmyDV prepared and installed a number of systems designed for the broadcast operations and entering subtitling in real-time under automation to the main playout […] Continue reading

Skai TV, broadast map software workstation

Curious software maps

AmyDV installed another Curious Maps Engine based turnkey system as SkaiTV (Greece). Continue reading

Aναβάθμιση του αυτοματισμού ροής στο Mega channel απο ΑΜΥ DV & Harris

Harris Logo

Το Mega channel (Τηλέτυπος ΑΕ) επέλεξε την AMY DV Solutions και την Harris για την υλοποίηση της νέας οργάνωσης και συνεργασίας (workflows) μεταξύ των συστημάτων […] Continue reading

AmyDV installed a Harris master timing generator at SkaiTV

harris_logo 897x244

Amy DIgital Video installed a complete MTG-3901-SYS system which includes 2 independent latest generation master timing generators and a special auto-change over board and back […] Continue reading

Star Channel, map software with animation

Curious software maps

AmyDV installed and supports a turnkey map creation system for broadcast based on the Curious Software engine. Continue reading

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