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AmyDV; Manus VR gloves, new Prime Series

The Manus Prime Series.

Certified, Comfortable, Accurate;

The Manus Prime Series is the result of five years of intensive research in sensor technology, optimal comfort and software development; the three pillars in which Manus aims to be unparalleled.Manus-vr-amydv

The Prime One is the core of our product line, an all-round wireless data glove that tracks individual fingers on two joints, and that can stream the data directly into Unity, Unreal, Motionbuilder or one of the large enterprise software platforms such as IC.IDO


The flagship of the three newly introduced products is the Prime Haptic. The Manus Prime Haptic provides a unique haptic signal depending on the type of material and how much virtual force is applied

The XsenManus2-vr-amydvs Prime is a glove designed for integration into a Xsens motion capture suit, to complete the hand with finger data on their IMU suits Learn more about the Manus Prime Series




To learn more about how to integrate VR into your productions or to build your VR setup call the experts! +30 210 6133000 internal 5 or by email [email protected]

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