New Corporation-Autocue and AmyDV

New Corporation-Autocue and AmyDV

October 11, 2010 Broadcast & Playout Digital Projections, Signage, DOOH, POS News Press Releases Production, Post Production 0

Σε συμφωνία κατέληξαν η ΑΜΥ και η Autocue με θέμα την διανομή/υποστήριξη των προϊόντων της για την Ελλάδα.    

 Η Autocue εκτός από πασίγνωστη στην αγορά των prompters και των σχετικών λογισμικών, δραστηριοποιείται εδώ και πολύ καιρό και με μεγάλη επιτυχία, στον χώρο του Αυτοματισμού ειδήσεων (Newsroom Automation) καθώς και εξειδικευμένων Video Servers.    

 Πρόσφατα στην IBC 2010 επέδειξε και τις νέες οικογένειες των προϊόντων της:    

 Camera Support

Medium and Heavy-weight Video Tripods

 A choice of medium or heavy weight video tripod to be used with or without a teleprompter.    

The medium-weight two-stage aluminium tripod is ideal for DV, DSLR and ENG cameras and our 7” Starter Series teleprompter. The heavy-weight two-stage aluminium tripod has sufficient payload capacity for an ENG camera and any of our Starter Series teleprompters.    

Key features of both tripods include:   
– A fluid damping system to insure smooth camera movements, and  includes   positive pan and tilt controls
– A built-in bubble for horizontal levelling
– Double extension design and adjustable handles for added stability 

The Glide lets you fly wherever you need to with precise and easy control of the camera. Our key competitive advantages include:    

– Precision engineering and machined parts throughout
– Quality foam grip for comfort and support               
– Single touch precision adjustments on all joints and axes                   
– A solid camera mount and connection point 
– Lower price point 



 LED Lighting                   

Large and medium-sized LED lights to be used individually or in any combination to make up a basic lighting kit. Each light has four switchable banks of LEDs (15 W and 7.5 W per bank) producing soft light ideally suited to studio and video production. The three-section, light-weight air-cushioned lighting stands which raise the lamps more than two metres are sold separately.    

3-head Softbox Lighting Kit   
Our softbox lighting kit is designed to be used in video productions in which the lighting subject is likely to be a person(s).    
  The kit includes:
 – Three 4-tube dimmable fluorescent softbox lighting heads 
 – Three aluminium lighting head stands
 – A compact travel case    
On-camera LED Lighting    
Weighting just 175g, our on-camera lighting unit is perfect for mobile camera shoots. The package includes a hotshoe, lithium battery, battery charger and camera bracket.     




  Video Servers

 Two-Port Analogue Video Server
An entry-level Video Server ideally suited for academic or prosumer to use, as a basic ingest, media storage and playout system.     
Four-Port SD/HD Video Server     
The SD/HD Video Server delivers four bi-directional analogue/digital ports for capture and playback, 6 TB RAID5 storage and supports common capture and play-out formats, making it ideally suited for use in a range of VTR replacement, storage and playout applications.    
Four-Port HD Video Server
Featuring RAID6 hot-swappable drives and four bi-directional ports, the 8 TB entry broadcast video server is ideally suited to supporting live productions in academic, conference and event environments, in addition to serving as a back-up system for broadcasters.     
 High Capacity Four-Port HD Video Server    
 The high-end video server has everything required in a stand-alone broadcast video server for use in critical front-line applications. First and foremost is fail-safe reliability – featuring a RAID6 array of hot-swappable drives and a redundant PSU. This server is aimed at broadcasters, high-end academic and production facilities.    



  Broadcast Monitors

-Mid-range reference monitors in E4-6k price bracket, competing with equivalent Sony, JVC, and Panasonic etc.        
-Currently developing a 24” and 42” to ship from early 2011, with further sizes to follow    


Three world renowned teleprompter ranges – Starter, Professional, or Master. Whether you require the latest in LED backlit technology and teleprompter design, or a basic all-in-one system for immediate use, Auticue has something to meet your needs…    









 Autocue’s unique and innovative scripting and production applications significantly reduce costs and improve workflow efficiency    
-Multi-user scripting system providing everything you need for complex programme production  
-Award winning electronic script annotation tool that improves workflow and significantly reduces production costs
-Both systems are scaleable and customisable to your specific needs/budget  


-Bundle of applications providing an integrated end-to-end newsroom solution for a budget price 
-Full-scale, feature rich news production system, with optional media management and multichannel/ master control automation  
-Both systems are scaleable and customisable to your specific needs/budget


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