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OmniBus provides proactive remote monitoring system.

OmniBus provides proactive remote monitoring with its Sentinel system. OmniBus Systems has launched Sentinel, a proactive remote-monitoring service for customers of the iTX automation and transmission platform. Sentinel provides support for broadcasters by using statistical analysis of real-time data in the log files to deliver a daily health report. Sentinel uses a small, passive application at the... Continue reading

The new HDMI Wireless Transmission System 1T-CT-690


This system enable you to transmit HDMI signals over a distance of 20m (or more when used in a open space) without any wires. The beauty of the system is that it can work in a Unicast Mode (Point to Point) or in a Broadcast Mode, allowing to send the HDMI Signal from one Transmitter to many Receivers. System consist of the 1T-CT-691 Transmitter and the 1T-CT-692 Receiver which constitutes a system... Continue reading

Revolution in Color Correction

davinci RESOLVE

We have made some big changes to how DaVinci color correction systems are sold. In the past DaVinci Resolve systems were pre built and priced from $200,000 for a 1 GPU based system, to over $800,000 for a 16 GPU top of the line system. However this has been way too expensive for most people to afford, so we have been working hard to fix that. In the last 6 months we have invested millions in expanding... Continue reading

Harris Digital Signage Solutions


We are very bullish about its [digital signage] long-term, continued growth. We think the world is becoming painted in pixels, and increasingly, we think that people are interested in using screens and pixels to deliver a powerful message that influences behavior near what we call the customers point of action, says Harris Morris, vice president and general manager of Media, Harris Corp. The global... Continue reading

Matrox MXO2 Release 1.9.1 for Mac Now Availble

Matrox News

Release 1.9.1 version software for Matrox MXO2 and CompressHD products is now available for you to download. This release will be made public on April 20 and a message will be sent to the registered users. Release 1.9.1 version software for Mac OS provides updates to address specific customer issues and to improve overall stability. Continue reading

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