New Airbox-NAB 2010

New Airbox-NAB 2010

April 8, 2010 Broadcast & Playout News Press Releases 0

AirBox for Windows 7
Additional features:
• Additional Playback Capabilities: DVC Pro 25, 50, 100; HDV; AC3-Audio; JPEG 2000; M-JPEG; H.263; H.264; VC1; MPEG-4; AMR-Audio; AAC-Audio; Uncompressed audio; MP3-Audio
• Simultaneous scaling (picture in a picture): Simultaneous scaling of both live input and playlist output. Useful feature for squeeze-back, PiP, PaP and Comming-Next channel-branding tasks.
• Multiple Live Video Sources (Requires Additional Video Input Boards)
Simultaneous output of “common” live plus additional playlist live source.
• Shared SDI live source can be used simultaneously from multiple AirBox instances, installed in one server.
• DTMF Generator Cue Tones generator for various outputs: Analog Audio, Embeded SDI Audio, Encoded Audio in MPEG-2 streams
• Multi-Channel Audio Support in Multi Format Playout Plugin
• Multi-audio control (reordering of the audio streams)
• Dynamic WSS
• Field order description per clip
• Aspect ratio description per clip
• Live UDP / SDI without time limit
• Macromedia Flash playback support (.FLV files)
• Deltacast Output Support – SD and HD plus CC ETA 708 (608) Deltacast HD
• Full control of all SDI signal components VANC (Closed captions, Teletext, WSS, Timecode), HANC, AES3 audio, raw SDI frame
• Automatic bypass relays included (power off, watchdog)
• Audio Embedding and de-embedding (AES3)
• Timecode (VITC, LTC, ATC) embedding and de-embedding


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