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Όταν το Royal Shakespeare Company παίζει live με μαθητές!

In 2018, as part of a program in schools, Ravensbourne University London used Quicklink TX to make live studio-based interviews between students and actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). The RSC is one of the well-known theatrical groups in Great Britain.

Tο Quicklink Skype TX was designed in conjunction with the Microsoft Skype team and is a video call management system. Allows professional transmission of multiple Skype calls via SDI inputs / outputs and HDMI interface. Since Quicklink Skype TX can accept and make calls to any Skype user, it provides unparalleled global access to millions of people to transmit to HD quality.

As part of the performances, students took part in discussions and interactive activities such as a Macbeth show that was broadcast to over 220,000 students.

Quicklink TX has enabled students to have a unique experience in integrating IP equipment into a live broadcast environment.” Richard Manning, Ravensbourne’s Associate Senior Lecturer in Broadcast Technology.

The Ravensbourne University focuses on providing unique and expert training experiences. It combines with great imagination new educational tools with applications in the real world and businesses. .

Quicklink gives our students the tools they need to increase interactivity in their productions. The production and broadcast classes are really excited to be able to produce professional content.” Martyn Gates, Programme Leader – Digital Television