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5 ways SSAI can impact your OTT revenue from day one

In case you’re not familiar, here are the (very basic) basics. Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) inserts ads
directly into live or VOD streaming video content prior to delivery, rather than at the consumer device.
Ads and video content are delivered to viewers in a single, seamless stream.
And with SSAI, you can finally make money from OTT. Here are 5 ways SSAI can impact revenue
from day one.

Happier consumers (and advertisers)

Encourage consumers to stay tuned by delivering ads they actually want to watch. With SSAI, personalized ads are placed
based on viewing history, demographics, and geographical location, creating a true one-to-one targeting experience — and
a win-win for consumers and advertisers.

50% of ad-supported OTT video viewers say that ads can be useful or enjoyable.
TV-like quality across all streams

Stats show that a drop in video quality dramatically cuts the
average viewing session across all devices. So use SSAI to
guarantee QoE. Targeted ads are delivered in live and VOD
content with no buffering, giving viewers the same TV-like
experience they get from other distribution systems.

Video rebuffering remains the most frustrating aspect of online viewing.
After a second video rebuffer, nearly two-thirds of viewers will stop watching.
Ad blocker avoidance

Are ad blockers standing in the way of your OTT profitability?  SSAI to the rescue. Unlike traditional streaming systems, SSAI
serves up premium video content and ads in a single package — making it hard for ad blockers to distinguish between the two.

Hassle-free device compatibility

Reaching today’s go-go viewer means monetizing content across a boatload of devices. SSAI makes it easy. No special
player or device logic required. No need to write code for every platform and operating system. Targeted ads can be delivered
seamlessly to any OTT-connected device.

Nearly two-thirds of ad buyers plan to increase their advanced TV spend in the next 12 months,
with half reporting increases in OTT
Revenue-driving reporting

Think you can’t have it all? Think again. New approaches to
server-side reporting of impressions can help you trounce
click-fraud and spoofing by combining the benefits of clientside accuracy and server-side security. And better reporting
motivates advertisers to invest in your inventory.

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