RT Software @NAB2017- Booth SL5725


RT Software @NAB2017- Booth SL5725

April 7, 2017 Broadcast & Playout Events News 0

RT Software invites you to meet with us on booth:  SL5725

“2017 looks to be shaping up to be a defining year for live graphics and video production
…and we’d like to meet you at NAB 2017 to discuss it”

RT Software has always loved graphics and been at the forefront of live graphics since our inception. Back then our focus was delivering industry firsts centred around the quality of live graphics – such as per pixel lighting, particles and physics, custom shader frameworks and so on. Pushing the boundaries of real time graphics possibilities was burnt into our DNA back in the BBC days delivering the very first generation of high quality 3d graphics in award winning flagship news and election programmes.
But the game’s changed and these are exciting times. Quality remains crucial – but IT based solutions, scalability, manageability, utilisation rates have become the buzz words. And RT Software is delivering with a vision and a capability you can hook into now.
So what do we see as the game changers this year?
Emerging standards

  • Platforms need to address 10 bit colour, UHD &  HDR
  • Hybrid SDI and IP based production and playout
  • Scaling and virtualisation of channels

Sports graphics extending beyond “clocks and scores”

  • Augmented graphics in studio and at venue to enhance production values
  • More engaging analysis graphics, including data rich content
  • Wider adoption of virtual advertising

Increased utilisation of resources

  • Live asynchronous use of graphics within playout systems
  • Distributable web based control of graphics resources
  • Flexible graphics systems capable of addressing multiple needs

So yes, much is happening in our industry and we really do welcome the chance to meet with you at NAB to catch up. Plus of course we also want to keep you up to date with the core products we are delivering today. If any of the following are on your radar then there is much we can discuss:

  • Automation, data and manually driven 2d and 3d overlays
  • Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality
  • Sports analysis and telestration .
  • Embedded OEM graphics
About RT Software:

RT Software is an award winning provider of innovative and industry leading broadcast graphics solutions. The product set spans CG, template driven 2D and 3D graphic overlays, election and news room graphics, specialist sports graphics and virtual studios. From its beginnings as an off shoot of the BBC 3D graphics Department in 2004, it now has installs from Iceland to New Zealand and includes the BBC, BT Sport, Fox Sports, NBC, and many other Tier 1 broadcasters in its growing customer base.


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