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Richard Waldner: ‟Industry partnerships are critical to our customer-first culture.”


Text: Andreas Tzanakos
Images: Richard Waldner and Imagine Communications Archive Before we start this discussion, tell us a little about Richard Waldner. Where you come from and what you are most interested in professionally? What are your drivers and your objectives inside the organization of Imagine Communications?

Richard Waldner: Andreas, before joining Imagine Communications I worked in several positions for Avid, Adobe, Exterity and Apple. My driver inside Imagine is to bring the next generation of business (SDI to IP, OTT) to our partners and customers. Tell us a little about the recent years under The Gores Group umbrella and the transition from Harris Broadcast to Imagine Communications. Some people are still mixed up about who acquired who etc. Can you tell us a little about the company?

Richard Waldner: We tend to view Imagine Communications as having the attributes of a startup — innovative and agile — but with a rich and decades-long history in the broadcast industry, stemming from our Harris Broadcast heritage. As you mentioned, the acquisition of Harris Broadcast by The Gores Group was completed in 2013. About a year later, in March of 2014, Harris Broadcast was rebranded as Imagine Communications. The launch of Imagine Communications coincided with the revelation of the company’s vision of an industrywide technology transformation toward IP, software-defined networking, the cloud and multiscreen distribution. We believe that the unique nature of our company, a startup with a rich heritage, allows us to be both innovative and practical. In addition to identifying where media companies will need to be in the future, we understand how to get them there seamlessly and without disruption — financial or operational. What opportunities do you see in the market for Broadcasters today? If you were talking to a friend who is a broadcaster what would you tell him to be looking to do or to take advantage of?

Richard Waldner: We are in a very fast-changing environment and broadcasters who want to be up to speed with all these changes have to start exploring opportunities in DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion), Multiscreen solutions, fast introduction of new OTT channels with our multitenant (white label) solution, and new business models to monetize wisely. To answer your second question – A smart approach would be to concentrate new OTT services on alternative and individual content, like classic music, theater, second and third sports leagues (soccer, handball, etc.) and the regionalization of your offering. Broadcasters would also be wise to take advantage of some of the advantages that the transition to IP will bring to their workflows, like allowing them to leverage standard computing equipment and moving operations, including playout, to the cloud.

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