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RT Software and AMY DV win tender for ERT

The Greek National Broadcaster , as announced in recent Board meeting notes, is going ahead with RT software and server solutions by AMY DV.

From humble beginnings, sports graphics have evolved to become a huge market sector. With many channels now dedicated to sports it follows that graphics are crucial to the live game content, studio analysis and channel branding. In addition, there is often a requirement to provide added value graphics such as sponsorship graphics, tied to pitch virtual advertising or AR graphics on the studio floor or at the stadium.

Why RT Software

Sports graphics is a comfort zone for us. We have many years of experience and have enjoyed the benefits of working closely with household names such as Sky, ESPN and the BBC.  In addition, our background of working with huge dynamic data sets and data feeds (for example, during elections) means our core platform is ideally suited for the emergence of data feed and database driven graphics.

What Benefits Does RT Software Provide?

Go to air with the very best graphics possible, providing that professional look you demand for your sports coverage.  All from a cost-effective, reliable and flexible solution.

In the Outside Broadcast environment, our Sports solutions provide huge advantages, such as:

– Small hardware footprint. One PC handles everything (render, playout control even a full preview).

– This PC can be repurposed with a dongle change, so scores and clocks one weekend, an away-day VR studio the next!

– When doing specials, such as tied to pitch graphics, we include software and hardware keyers, maximising simplicity and minimising footprint.

  • Custom, sports specific control applications ensure your match graphics never miss the action.
  • Edit-3d or Swift for live overlay graphics, during game or in the studio.
  • Tell a story with, Tactic ProTactic Advanced or tOG-Sports for Match Play analysis.
  • Integrate all RT Software solutions for a complete and dynamic sports presentation.
  • Bring your graphics to life with Augmented Reality using tOG-VR, bring your tables and stats graphics in to the studio.
  • Go Completely Virtual with tOG-VR