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AJA now Shipping Io XT!

The Io XT offers Thunderbolt-enabled I/O with unique dual-port “daisy-chain” connectivity. Apple’s newest generation of computers feature powerful Thunderbolt interfaces, offering a mind-blowing 10Gbps available […] Continue reading

Matrox Mura:The new benchmark for Display Processor Systems

Matrox Mura Control Room AmyDV

Unparalleled Performance,Image Quality and Scalability The MURA Display Processor System is the solution to drive a large Videowall with numerous real-time sources from computers or […] Continue reading

Eliminate the high cost of HDTV monitoring with HDLink

HDLinkPro and Monitors 2K

The world’s most advanced full resolution 2D/3D HDTV and 2K monitoring for DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI monitors. Includes the quality of 4:4:4 SDI video, lookup […] Continue reading

Online Storage:Giving Production Studios a Competitive Edge

Mid-to-large production studios typically produce non-live content, such as game shows, soap operas, sitcoms and talk shows. As a result, production studios must produce high-quality, […] Continue reading

History of Autocue and teleprompting

Prompting begins on paper Prompting began with Jess Oppenheimer, a writer, producer and director on the TV show “I Love Lucy” in the early 1950s. […] Continue reading

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