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AJA now Shipping Io XT!

The Io XT offers Thunderbolt-enabled I/O with unique dual-port “daisy-chain” connectivity. Apple’s newest generation of computers feature powerful Thunderbolt interfaces, offering a mind-blowing 10Gbps available bandwidth, allowing no-compromises uncompressed video I/O eve on Macbook Pros. AJA’s Io XT is the ideal portable companion for lightning-fast uncompressed 4:2:2 and... Continue reading

Matrox Mura:The new benchmark for Display Processor Systems

Matrox Mura Control Room AmyDV

Unparalleled Performance,Image Quality and Scalability The MURA Display Processor System is the solution to drive a large Videowall with numerous real-time sources from computers or other electronic devices providing, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component, Composite or S-Video signals. It is the most flexible system on the market and provides the best price performance of any high-end Display Processor solution.... Continue reading

Eliminate the high cost of HDTV monitoring with HDLink

HDLinkPro and Monitors 2K

The world’s most advanced full resolution 2D/3D HDTV and 2K monitoring for DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI monitors. Includes the quality of 4:4:4 SDI video, lookup tables via USB and analog audio outputs. HDLink will solve all your monitoring needs. Continue reading

Online Storage:Giving Production Studios a Competitive Edge

Mid-to-large production studios typically produce non-live content, such as game shows, soap operas, sitcoms and talk shows. As a result, production studios must produce high-quality, entertaining content in a timely manner, while controlling costs, protecting assets and reducing risk.  However, most storage solutions do not offer adequate performance, reliability and availability, so production studios... Continue reading

History of Autocue and teleprompting

Prompting begins on paper Prompting began with Jess Oppenheimer, a writer, producer and director on the TV show “I Love Lucy” in the early 1950s. To solve the problem of the actors forgetting their lines, he developed a rudimentary prompting system. Oppenheimer took out a patent on the system. He licensed the patent to the teleprompting company Autocue in 1955. Meanwhile, a separate entity,... Continue reading

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