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The information event that will take place on June 8 will present products and services that serve the “future of the media & entertainment market”.

Our aim is to present a small selection of information workshops, products and seminars, which will interest the middle and senior category of specialized consultants and technical managers of the Media companies of South East Europe.

The main language of the event will be English, as the keynote speakers and some visitors will be foreign. Any question even during the speeches can be explained in Greek if needed.

The main information part of the event will start before noon and will end in the afternoon, while throughout the day there will be equipment installed at the event site for appointments and personal meetings.

The participation of the speakers is increasing and those who express interest in the event by filling out the form below will be informed.


  • Plan, Make and Monetise Content
  • Modern playout and playout redundancy
  • Modern broadcast cloud-native applications
  • Including live demonstration of the award winning AVIATOR TM

IMAGINE COMMUNICATIONS. Network Processors & Routing

  • High Power flexible HW / SW broadcast and IP Processors
  • Multiviewer Processors Baseband and Broadband
  • Modern routing; solutions and opportunities
  • Including live demonstration of the award winning SELENIO SNP TM


  • Flexible, Customizable control of everything from everywhere
  • Dante networks management
  • OB Truck and Production Control
  • Including live demonstration of Magellan Touch and the hi- APPTM

MATROX. VideoWall & Control Rooms

  • Modern Video Wall and KVM solutions
  • Matrox VideoLab tour.
  • AV over IP. Questions and answers, technologies and solutions
  • Including live demonstration of the award winning Extio3 and QuadHead2Go

LaON / Broadcast Solutions

  • Modern intercom solutions: Genie
  • OB trucks 2022. Experience and requirements
  • Meshlink. Wireless mesh links for Broadcasters
  • Including live demonstration of GENIE TM

AmyDV. Open discussion ‘FutureOfMedia’

  • For the future of the market
  • The organization of audiovisual works
  • Virtual Production
Watch this page for up to the minute announcements about the event from the team that is in constant contact with the international market and the manufacturers !

Make a note of the date in your calendar and pre-register as the workshops will be organized in small groups of a few people for comfort and safety !

Fill in your details below for pre-registration – expression of interest for FutureOfMedia 2022 or to ask about it.


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