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Vantage 7.1 Release Notes


The Vantage media processing platform is based on a flexible service-oriented architecture, Vantage is made up of discrete services and connectors that combine to create powerful automated workflows – all under unified system control. Vantage services provide transcoding, media capture, metadata processing, media analysis, and content assembly. Vantage connectors enable seamless, API-level integration with third-party systems.

Used By

Content owners, producers, and distributors use Vantage to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively ingest, edit, transform, package, monetize, and distribute their media.


Vantage offers scalability from simple standalone systems to complex, multi-server systems to meet your growing business needs today and well into the future. Running on standard, off-the-shelf server hardware, or our GPU-accelerated Lightspeed® Server, Vantage utilizes all of the capabilities of today’s enterprise-level IT infrastructures and best practices.

The Latest Technologies

Vantage transcoding, workflow, and systems solutions utilize the latest technologies to deliver pristine quality, exceptional processing speeds, plus the industry’s most intelligent and scalable workflow automation system. Vantage processing can be extended from on-premise systems to the Cloud – to quickly address peaks in production demand, or test new business concepts.

About This Release

[this information NOT designed to replace company official updates and information as displayed on but to provide more access to it]

This release is a major dot-version release for Vantage that includes new features, improvements and bug fixes. The release build is: #

This release includes both new features as well as bug fixes and improvements; in addition, it includes a roll-up of all features and fixes introduced in Vantage 7.0 Update Packs UP1, UP2, and UP3. Refer to the release notes for those update packs for complete information on included features.

This release is available for customers with current maintenance as of October 1, 2017. If your maintenance expired before that date, please do not install this release as it will cause some portions of Vantage to cease functioning.

Note: This release includes updates to Vantage Transcode, Transcode Pro, Analysis, Analysis Pro, Post Producer, Timed Text Flip, Transcode Multiscreen and Transcode IPTV VOD. Each of these products may have separate release notes with more details.

Major New Features in this Release

New Lightspeed Live Capture Features

This release includes the following new features for Lightspeed Live Capture:

  • Added support for Avid Interplay Advanced Encoder and Notify Service MOB ID generator for direct Interplay check-in workflows. Requires optional purchase and license. Option part code – LS-LIVE-AVID-OPT
  • Added support for Complete Tape capture regardless of broken control tracks, missing time code, video hits, and other errors
  • Updated and improved the way Timecode override is used. Now allows the user to turn time code override on or off, and set Drop/Non-Drop Frame characteristics directly from the Tape UI
  • Added an RS422 frame delay adjustment parameter to the Live Capturer Web API’s START command. This parameter can be used to adjust RS422 frame timing when capturing from a VTR
  • Updated the RunOn rules to now force downstream actions to run local to the capture server when local drive letter output locations are used

Note that additional Lightspeed Live Capture features may be released as part of a ComponentPac separately from Vantage 7.1.

Vantage Elastic Domain

Vantage Elastic Domain is a new set of deployment features and a flexible licensing model that allows Vantage Domains to rapidly scale node count. The scaling power of Elastic Domain is intended to leverage the deployment flexibility of virtualized deployments, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) deployments such as AWS EC2, and hybrid models.

Elastic Domain Deployment Features:

  • Transient Services (GIR-14224, GIR-14642) – Service configuration options that configure Vantage services to automatically join a Vantage Domain in a “Transient” manner, wherein it is expected that the services may only be joined to the Domain for the duration of a virtual machine run time. This allows a Vantage domain to be expanded by simply deploying instances of a “worker” virtual machine in the customer’s infrastructure system of choice.
  • Service Configuration Tool (GIR-14839) – A standalone tool for configuring service transient settings and database connection. This tool can be used to create virtual machines to be used as templates for deploying additional nodes to a vantage domain.
  • Pre-Shutdown Notification (GIR-14916) – An option available in the VMC and via the REST API that allows all services on a machine to be placed into a state where they offload their queue to other services in the domain, stop accepting new tasks, finish processing current active tasks, and then shutdown. This allows a transient member of a domain to be shut down and removed without losing the progress of in-process active tasks.
  • “What If” Completion Time API Call (GIR-15237) – A new call added to the metric service REST API that allows an external system to request the estimated completion time for all active and waiting jobs in the domain. The call also allows for an estimated completion time if additional nodes were added to the domain with similar performance of a specified node. External systems can use this call to determine if a Vantage domain should be scaled.

Elastic Domain Billing Features:

  • Elastic Domain Billing Reporting (GIR-14714) – Adds support for a new “Burstable” Vantage license type. When this type of license is created, it is specified that selected SKUs within the license are burstable. This license requires that a billing account (hosted by Telestream Cloud)

is configured in the VMC and that a Vantage Metric service can reach Telestream Cloud and report running Vantage periodically. When these conditions are met, the license will enter “Elastic Domain” mode and allow an unlimited machine count for the SKUs marked as burstable within the license.

The billing service hosted in Telestream Cloud will track the charges due by the customer for exceeding their perpetual license limit. These charges are assessed per node, per day, based on a daily rental rate for all burstable SKUs within the license that excess nodes can access.


This release contains the first public release of Flip64, our new 64-bit transcoding action. This will be a major stepping stone for providing transcoding support of 4K and larger content in Vantage. Modeled after our existing Media Framework actions (IPTV & Multiscreen), Flip64 will support the concept of stream names within the action configuration which provides greater versatility when configuring output tracks and channels, where they are sourced from, and whether converters need to be applied to them.

New Camera Ingest Formats

Support for R3D cameras has been added to Camera Ingest, and decoding support has been added to Flip64 for processing of the content.

New Social Media Features

This release includes the following new features for Vantage Social Media Connector:

  • Addition of Facebook Draft Publishing for deploying videos to Facebook in an unpublished or draft state
  • Addition of YouTube Scheduled and Draft Publishing for deploying videos to YouTube in an unpublished or draft state
  • The Twitter API interface had now been updated to include the Twitter Pro Video API features

Note that additional Social Media features may be released as part of an update separately from Vantage 7.1.

New Tempo Features

This release includes the following new features for Tempo:

  • Support for automated short-duration content retiming, such as 30 and 60 second spots, allowing commercial inventory to be retimed en masse, with extraneous elements, such as blacks/color bars either eliminated or replaced with exact black frames as required for a specific application.
  • New Analysis Syndicator for detecting slates and color bars prior to retiming
  • Two-Pass retiming timeline enhancements
  • Ability to merge segments in the Tempo Portal

Note: Please contact Telestream Support prior to upgrading Tempo nodes to this version of Vantage.

New TrafficManager Features

This release includes the following new TrafficManager features:

  • We are planning for the official release of Pathfire syndication support, which is currently in beta testing. On the heels of our previously released support for PitchBlue syndicated shows, we are adding support for Pathfire syndicated content. This feature will be available to all current TrafficManager customers who are up-to-date with their maintenance and support contracts. Note that it will be necessary for customers to upgrade their TrafficManager systems to at least version 7.0 (version 7.1 is recommended) to obtain this feature. Contact Telestream Sales ([email protected]) for more information.

Note that additional Traffic Manager features may be released as part of an update separately from Vantage 7.1.

New Vantage Framework Features

This release includes the following key Vantage features:

  • Avid Service Technology Preview which includes the Interplay Monitor and MXF/AAF Media creation with Interplay Check-in actions – please contact product management if you would like to make this available to a specific customer.
  • New Actions:

o Multiscreen now includes a DRM action o Split and Stitch actions released as a technology preview

■ Please contact product management if you would like to make this available to a particular customer

o Extract action in the Metadata service allows streamlined parsing of XML and JSON data o Delay action eliminates the need to use workaround for delaying workflows for fixed time periods

  • Support for watermarked trail licenses
  • Support for Virtual Lightspeed license which allows licensable GPU acceleration for Vantage deployments in virtualized or cloud environments
  • Password parameters in certain actions are now be bindable
  • Utilization chart in the VMC that uses active session count, queue depth history and waiting times to produce a representation of historical system demand
  • “Generic S3” file system option that allows Vantage to connect to endpoints that emulate the S3 API but are not hosted by Amazon
  • The SDK will now provide an indication that the Domain is online and accessible to the SDK
  • Synchronization action will now be able to propagate open execution chains
  • The Catalog Name color will now change in the workflow portals when new binders are added
  • Automatic determination of media duration as a built-in field for job reports, greatly simplifying the process of creating job reports with duration fields
  • Vantage 7.1 includes a new Delay action (found in the Common Group in the Vantage Workflow Designer), which eliminates the need to use workaround for delaying workflows for fixed time periods
  • Support for Vantage databases to be hosted by the RDS managed database service within AWS
  • Vantage 7.1 supports Minnetonka AudioTools 4 and is not backwards compatible with AudioTools 3. Vantage 7.1 was tested with AudioTools 4.0.138.