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Swift. The quick and easy route to high-end broadcast graphics

Swift creates broadcast graphics of the highest quality, yet behind it is a simple and intuitive creation tool that designers will feel at home with straight away. Swift delivers lightning fast workflows, is easy to use, offers compatibility with your favourite design tools and is extremely cost effective.

Once created, Swift’s graphics can be distributed across the broadcast chain to be used live or in edits wherever needed. This includes:

  • Traditional on screen live to air graphics in both SDI, IP and virtualised infrastructures.
  • Live graphics in leading playout solutions.
  • On the timeline in leading NLE’s.
  • Adding live graphics to production switchers.

It is easy to master and with no compromise on quality. Create sophisticated, high quality graphics combined with powerful data capabilities.  Suitable for all broadcast graphics such as text, clocks, tickers/crawls, tables and video/clip handling. Crucially, Swift is a modern on-air graphics platform that is easy to learn even when there are no in-depth graphics skills in the team.