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RT Software new features for #IBC2019- Booth #6.C16

Swift and WebControl

IBC 2019 sees the exhibition debut of Swift, our easy to use graphics creation tool.  Swift is designed to make broadcast graphic production easy and this is fully backed up with online learning materials.  

Our graphics control application, WebControl now has a new plug-in architecture for easier customization to specific project requirements including complex data handling.

WebControl is an enterprise-class approach to graphics control offering flexibility, scalability, and security. It has three elements:

  • WebControl: The client service running in a Chrome browser.
    This is built using JSON and CSS so it can be customized and extended by a web programmer.
  • DataServer: The back end running on a Windows PC for handling administration and serving the web clients.
  • WebPreview: Delivering an optional preview capability to the web client. Requires the DataServer PC to have appropriate licensing and an nVidia GPU environment.

RT Software expands into top-end sports analysis with the release of “Tactic Pro”

Real-time 3D broadcast graphics developer RT Software has announced the release of its new premium-level sports telestration and analysis system, Tactic Pro.

After the successful release of Tactic Advanced earlier in 2019, RT Software has followed up with the release of Tactic Pro, aimed very much at the top end of studio show and live sports analysis. Incorporating all the ‘ease-of-use’ functionality of Tactic Advanced, Tactic Pro introduces additional features such as Multicam support, Camera Morph, Line Tracking, and Timeline-based editing.


With Multicam allowing users to add graphics to a clip of sporting action from multiple camera angles simultaneously, and Timeline giving much more precise control and editing of complex analysis sequences, Tactic Pro is already a step up from Tactic Advanced. Visitors to the RT Software booth at IBC 2019 will also be able to see demonstrations of the next release with Camera Morph, which allows the user to create a seamless virtual move from one camera to another. Line Tracking provides consistent and accurate, multi-point tracking references, allowing graphics to stay in position on the playing surface even as the camera moves, as well as enabling accurate metrics such as distance between points or speed of player movement. Current users of Tactic Pro will be able to upgrade to the new features free of charge.


Both versions of Tactic are designed for full broadcast workflows, either clip-based or with control of external replay servers, while also providing the presenter with the option of presenter control via touch screens or handheld devices. Tactic allows any broadcaster to enhance their highlight packages, post- or pre-match segments and even live events.

Mike Fredriksen, Commercial Director at RT Software, said: “We believe from our many years of experience working with sports broadcasters that we have the easiest-to-use and most cost-effective telestration systems on the market. Tactic Pro is a huge step forward for our customers by providing them with easy-to-use top-end functionality and features that would only previously be available on the most expensive and complex systems.”

The next step for RT Software is Tactic Lite, a version aimed at lower budget sports production. Mike Fredriksen added: “Tactic Lite development is already underway and will introduce high-quality telestration features to a market where such features were previously unattainable. The Tactic family is taking shape in a way that means anyone looking for a telestration solution need look no further than RT Software, regardless of their requirement or budget.”

AR/VR – Unreal Integration

RT Software announce phase 2 of our Unreal engine support

Fully embedded rt.dll

RT Software has enabled a broadcast graphics creation workflow INSIDE the Unreal editor, providing the benefit of easier template control and data-driven graphics.

Craft Editors, NRCS and Video Wall displays

Craft Editors, NRCS and Video Wall displays  

Removing the need for expensive, complex and network swamping render farms and improving broadcast production and display workflows:

Embedded broadcast graphics solution for craft editors including Grass Valley Rio

End-to-end ENPS based newsroom workflow
Live VideoWall demonstration showing how the canvas flexibility, graphics possibilities and video capabilities in Edit-3d can be combined with standard workstation hardware to drive up to 16 screens.

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