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Channel ONE. All in one from Harris BCD

The television landscape is changing, and traditional broadcasters have new options for reaching out to specialized audiences. DTV opens a door that allows stations to […] Continue reading

BMD MiniConverters presentation

Build your SDI studio with the worlds most advanced and easy to use converters! Only Mini Converters include auto SD/HD switching, redundant input, AES/EBU and […] Continue reading

Audio Monitoring solutions @ Harris

H πρωτοποριακή γραμμή προιόντων της Harris Videotek θετει τα στανταρ για την παρακολούθηση ήχου (audio) σε Embedded, AES-EBU, Dolby E, Dolby Digital, καθώς και σε […] Continue reading

The new SD-STAR™ handheld SD-SDI & analogue composite generator and monitor

 A handheld, battery-powered, personal monitor and test generator for SD-SDI and analog composite video signals, SD-STAR is part of the award-winning Videotek® STAR handheld test […] Continue reading

Broadcast Networking solutions by Harris and AmyDV

Broadcast Networking solutions by Harris and AmyDV

NetVX Products & Solutions / Networking and Encoding The NetVX™ Video Networking System is a modular video networking device. NetVX modules combine standards-compliant audio, video, […] Continue reading

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