Amy Digital Video

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The People

A team of dedicated professionals with experience each and a passion for the Media market. Combined with their unique breadth of knowledge in IT and Broadcast video, our proposal designs and solutions are guaranteed to be the most efficient for the job. In this way our customers can invest their Human resources to the creative or productive side of their respective businesses.

Since the beginning in 1989 we have become extremely relevant in all sectors of the Media industry and a perfect partner for anyone wishing to develop their business in this consistently unifying industry.

The Vision

  • Continuous specialization and gathering of technical and business know-how via long lasting and stable cooperation with the most advanced companies in the fields of Media and Entertainment,
  • Availability to the Greek market of selected advanced products and solutions which optimize the supplied production of products and / or Media and entertainment services
  • Satisfying the final user/ customer

The Group

AmyDV is a division of AMY S.A..

ΑΜΥ S.A. is one of the first IT companies that started operating in Greece in 1981. Its activities were targeted towards the distribution of Hi Tech products. From the first years the company dealt with Computer Peripherals such us means of storage, printers, Screens etc. Later on Multimedia products were added (Editing Solutions for Home User, Pen Tablets/ Touchscreens / Speakers / Sound Cards / Graphic Cards)

In 1994 a separate department Amy Digital Video was created. It distributes professional products (HW & SW) to the Greek Market and complete specialized solutions for professionals covering the fields of Editing, Animation, 2D & 3D DVD Authoring, Character Generation, Webcasting and Broadcast.

25 years ago the company started operating in the Telecommunications market offering terminals for the best exploitation of ISDN and ADSL through cabled and non cabled PCs. Since then we have helped our customers evolve.

Headquarters Address: 58 Trias & Priamou, 15235 Vrilissia, Greece, Τel.: +30 210 6133000, Fax: +30 210 6133301

David Chalkidis,

Fall 2013