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Optica Magnus expanders

The Xpander’s are designed for digital mirrorless cameras and optimized to work with both vintage and modern-day zooms. With more and more full frame cameras emerging, there is a shortage of zooms available that can cover these large sensors. By using expanders, cinematographers can use existing zooms that are already in the market.

The Xpander’s are optimized to work with Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm and Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm. They will also perform well on the Angenieux HR 25-250mm and the Angenieux 17-102mm.

The Xpander’s also provide new life to the Classic Cooke zooms like the Cooke Varotal 25-250mm and the Cooke 20-100mm, 18-100mm and the 20-60mm.

A special series of the Xpander’s are offered to work with the Fujinon Premiere zoom lenses 75-400mm, the 18-85mm and the 24-180mm.

The xpanders come in 5 magnification factors:

1. Academy to Super-35 for Universal and Fujinon mount
2. Super-35 to Super-35 Open Gate for Universal and Fujinon mount
3. Super-35 to Full Frame Netflix format for Universal and Fujinon mount
4. Super-35 to Full Frame for Universal and Fujinon mount
5. Academy to 2x Anamorphic for Universal and Fujinon