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Live subtitling solutions by AmyDV and FAB


FAB Subtitler LIVE Version supports a special speech interface which is integrated in the subtitle file window. The main advantage of the new speech interface is that subtitles prepared in advance in a subtitle file can be transmitted from the same window where spoken text is dictated and transmitted.

To use the new speech interface open a subtitle file and then you can switch between the subtitle file editor and the speech interface in the active window by selecting News / Speech Interface.

In the speech window the following functionality can be used:

  • Dictate into the speech interface edit window using any speech recognition software. In AUTO mode the spoken text is transmitted automatically. In MANUAL mode the spoken text is first displayed in the edit window and can be corrected. By pressing ENTER the text is transmitted.
  • To transmit subtitles from the subtitle file use the keys INS / DEL / ENTER on the numeric keypad. NUM INS transmits a subtitle, NUM DEL deletes the subtitle from the screen and NUM ENTER transmits a subtitle with automatic duration.

Please note that to use the speech recognition software you only have to:

  • Open the speech recognition software
  • Activate the speech recognition (microphone)
  • Dictate directly into FAB Subtitler application (the cursor must be in the speech interface edit window)

No special actions are required in FAB Subtitler to activate the connection to the speech recognition software.

If the option “Always append recognized text at the end of the editor” is turned on and the text is inserted at the cursor instead at the end of the editor, then please check how to interface with FAB Subtitler Speech Interface.

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