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Hawk-Woods batteries 48V with amazing autonomy from AmyDV

New to the Hawk-Woods X-boxx high voltage range is our 48V converter great for lighting equipment like Brother-Brother & Arri’s Skypanel.

For use with either the XB2 or XB3 range the 48V Hawk-Woods which uses 2x X-Boxx’s to provide a constant 48V, meaning the most powerful Arri Skypanel can be run at 100% power output using 2x 30V 1000Wh X-Boxx batteries, will provide approximately 4 hours run time.

This unit is offered in a well vented case along with leather carry handle.

Should you require any help or have any technical questions regarding this product please contact our sales team.


    • 48V Converter
    • DC-Input: 22-30V DC
    • DC Output 1: 48V (500W)
    • DC Output 2: 22-29V

For orders call +30 210 6133000 internal 5 or email [email protected]


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