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FAB; New Subtitling products and Functions @IBC2018


Come to IBC2018 to get to know the new capabilities of the F.A.B top-level subtitling solutions with AmyDV.

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  • Save up to 70% of time for preparation of subtitles with cloud based transcription including timecode for subtitle preparation in 100+ languages
  • Insertion of open subtitles into MP4/MOV/TS files o RESTful API for automation and watchfolder operation o Easy subtitle positioning and alignment for live subtitles o Live Subtitling for YouTube Live Events, Teletext control decoder o Extraction of teletext subtitles from video files


o EBU-TT Live TCP protocol for subtitling of live streaming over internet o IP based live subtitling gateway, Integrated Web Interface


  • Integrated Web Interface
  • Teletext insertion into 3G SDI 1080p50 with FAB FT-HT 12 PCIe card
    • Converts video files of many types to low bandwidth MP4/MOV files
    • Import and export for automatic workflow


Save up to 70% of time for preparation of subtitles with cloud based transcription including timecode for subtitle preparation in 100+ languages

FAB Subtitler PRO/LIVE/MPEG now supports the use of several cloud based speaker independent speech recognition engines (Microsoft Video Indexer, Google Cloud Speech Recognition, Speechmatics, ZoomMedia). FAB Subtitler transfers video files (only audio can also be transferred) to the cloud and the progress of the transfer and the analysis can be monitored. FAB Subtitler supports:

  • Automatic conversion of transcript of spoken audio with timecode to subtitles.
  • Optional automatic assignment of colours to recognized speakers.
  • Navigation to recognized scene changes.
  • Google supports over 100 languages and other cloud services support several languages as well.

The quality of the recognized text is not perfect and it requires some manual corrections in FAB Subtitler. Subtitle preparation may require up to 70% less time because timecodes are generally already correct.

Details are available here:

Insertion of open subtitles into MP4/MOV files

FAB Subtitler MPEG supports insertion of open subtitles directly into MP4/MOV/TS files which use the MPEG1/MPEG2/H.264 video codec.

RESTful API for automation and watchfolder operation

FAB Subtitler PRO/LIVE/MPEG supports a REST interface for controlling and monitoring the automation of subtitle insertion into video files, extraction from video files and conversion to different subtitle formats. The following automation modes are available:

– XML command files containing the instructions to perform any of the above tasks can be provided to FAB Subtitler. This can be done by saving files into the XML command file folder monitored by FAB Subtitler. Alternatively the XML can be provided by using the HTTP POST method of the RESTful Webservice API which also allows using HTTP GET to read the status of automatic operation. – Simple watchfolder operation. FAB Subtitler can monitor multiple watchfolders. Every watchfolder can be configured to perform a different action on the files which are copied to the watchfolder. One watchfolder could be used to extract subtitles from MXF files. Another watchfolder could be used to export a subtitle file to a different format and again a different watchfolder could be used to insert subtitles into an MXF file. The watchfolder operation mode allows automating tasks easily without the need for programming because the configured task is performed automatically when a file is copied to the watchfolder.


Easy subtitle positioning and alignment for live subtitles

FAB Subtitler LIVE now includes two different functions for positioning of live subtitles.

  1. It is now possible to define the horizontal and vertical positioning of the subtitles for the texts from the speech recognition. The buttons left to the speech interface editor are equivalent to the horizontal/vertical alignment buttons in the ribbon in “Home / Format”. This positioning does not affect subtitles that are sent from the subtitle list by using the Insert and Delete key.
  2. The functions available in the Ribbon in “News / Position override” change the position of all transmitted subtitles, even of those which were transmitted and are still visible on the receiver. These functions are provided so that the position of a certain subtitle can be moved quickly, e.g. if there is already text in the video which shall not be covered by the subtitle. This new functionality makes it extremely easy to move a subtitle away from the text in the video.


Teletext Control Decoder

The teletext decoder window within FAB Subtitler can be used to display decoded teletext pages. Teletext can be received from HD/SD-SDI and from TS/IP received over UDP or HTTP. Teletext header bits are displayed and occasional reception errors can be logged by saving every change of a teletext page.

Live Subtitling for YouTube Live Events

Transmission of live subtitles over HTTP for YouTube live events is implemented. Live subtitles can therefore be provided for any YouTube live stream.

Extraction of teletext subtitles from video files

FAB Subtitler PRO/LIVE/MPEG can extract teletext subtitles from TS video files. FAB Subtitler MPEG Edition can also extract teletext subtitles from MXF files. While extracting, a dialog displays which teletext pages and languages were detected, and how many subtitles were decoded. After the subtitles are extracted, they are opened in the editor and can be exported in any subtitle format supported by FAB Subtitler.


EBU-TT Live protocol for subtitling of live streaming over internet

FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD can transmit subtitles using the EBU-TT Live TCP protocol as any of the supported timed text formats (i.e. EBU-TT) to a live streaming encoder. This is the best way to provide subtitles for live streaming over the internet.

IP based live subtitling gateway

The following functionality is available in FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD which allows external companies to provide live subtitles for remote TV stations:

  • Receives live IPTV over UDP from the TV station and provides live IPTV to multiple FAB Subtitler LIVE workstations without the need to use the multicast.
  • Receives live subtitles over TCP from multiple FAB Subtitler LIVE workstations and sends them over TCP to the TV station to teletext inserters, DVB transmission systems and live streaming encoders. – Saves STL and XML Timed Text subtitle file for every transmitted program with subtitles.

Integrated Web Interface

The internal status of FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD can be obtained via the web interface on the following URL:



Integrated Web Interface

The internal status of the system can be obtained via the web interface. The provided information includes all PIDs, bitrates, SDI signal status and more by using: http://ipaddress:port/status

Teletext Insertion into 3G SDI 1080p50 with FAB FT-HT 12 PCIe card

Teletext insertion into SDI supports HD 1080p50 (3G-a). FAB PCIe card FT-HT 12 driver 2.10.740 or higher and firmware 1.24 or higher is required.


Import and export for automatic workflow

The following import and export functionality is available:

o Import of playlist for synchronization with the TV planning/scheduling/traffic system o Export of subtitle files to FAB Subtitle BCAST/XCD for transmission of subtitles o Export of subtitle files to internet video on demand library

FAB Subtitle Database supports watchfolder based import of playlist files. By using unique IDs the playlist for the same date can be imported many times and therefore the database will always contain a mirror of the TV schedule for all subtitled programs.

The workflow used with FAB Subtitle Database makes sure that subtitle files for all subtitled programs are always present in the database because otherwise subtitle files will not be transmitted.

A new periodic subtitle file export functionality is available which allows exporting subtitle files using the content of a specified database field (generally a program ID) in the subtitle filename. These subtitle files can be used for the internet video on demand library.


The FAB Technical Knowledge Base page is available on FAB’s website. This enables easier and faster selfservice support. The content of the knowledgebase is updated continuously and recently a search facility has been integrated as well:


FAB Subtitler
  • FAB Subtitler Version 9 was published.
  • Added support for insertion of open subtitles to various video files: MP4, MOV, TS, AVI, DV
  • Transcription of video files by cloud services (Microsoft VI, Google Cloud, Speechmatics, ZoomMedia) is supported directly in the GUI of FAB Subtitler PRO/LIVE/MPEG.
  • Spell check can be used for correction of opened .json files with text recognized by cloud speech recognizers.
  • Only the audio part can be uploaded to transcription services to reduce cost or make sure that video is not made available to the cloud service.
  • While a live video is being recorded, it can also be opened and played directly.
  • Added the ability to play video files with accompanying audio files, if we have file.m2v (video only) and file.wav (audio only)  it will play both as if they were one file.
  • Improved support for using video files with framerates different than used by the application.
  • Added display of framerate when selecting a timecode.
  • Audio pitch is adjusted when playing audio with double/half speed so that it sounds natural, only faster/slower.
  • Improved automatic file operations. Errors are handled better and jobs are restarted correctly.
  • Added conditions for some operation parameters. <tcOffsetCondition>firstInTC ge10:00:00:00</tcOffsetCondition>  means that “tcOffset” will be applied only if the first subtitle’s IN TC is greater than or equal to 10:00:00:00.
  • Added subtitle range setting to automation so that only a subset of subtitles can be used.
  • A file mask can be specified in Automation for target files. Eg. Specifying “*-SUB.*” as the “targetFile” would create from source “movie.mxf” > target “movie-SUB.mxf”.STD.
  • Improved support for loading and exporting of styles in various formats.
  • Preview of transmitted subtitles in FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD displays subtitles correctly.
  • Transmission of Arabic subtitles in FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD uses the correct representation of numbers.
  • Subtitle transmission log can be stored in more than 2 file formats in FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD.
  • FAB Subtitler Live displays the age of automatically deleted subtitle files for news programs in the log.
  • The Unicode code of non-exportable character is displayed at the end of the manual export of subtitle files.
  • Export of STL files for 20th Century Fox was added.
  • Export of STL files for Orange TV was added.
  • EBU-TT Live TCP protocol is available for live transmission of subtitles.
  • Bengali and Urdu characters are displayed and transmitted correctly.
  • Interface to Cinegy Automation is supported in FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD.
  • Codepage for GSI in STL files can be defined in Options.
  • Audio pitch is adjusted correctly when playing video file with higher or lower speed by pressing Ctrl twice during playback.
  • Justification is detected correctly when converting unjustified teletext subtitles to open/DVB subtitles in some cases where this was not correct in FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD.
  • Vertical offset can be applied to transmitted subtitles in FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD. This can be triggered by a GPI or by using a command within the FAB Automation TCP Protocol.
  • Opening of ASS files was corrected.
  • Opening of STL files with language code 0 displays a warning in log.
  • Timecode interval can be inserted or deleted in the timecode offset GUI functionality.
  • The MOS protocol command roElementAction/DELETE works correctly.
  • A specific font can be selected for a specific language in multilingual transmission mode in FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD.
  • Standard Edition does not support video in a window and timecode cards anymore.
  • File properties are read from and written to the first subtitle of the PAC file and displayed in File / Properties.
FAB DVB Interface
  • Teletext output over SDI supports HD 1080p50 (3G-a). FT-HT12 driver 2.10.740 or higher and firmware 1.24 or higher is required.
  • Improved handling of multiple FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD connections.
  • Improved handling of multiple incoming high-bitrate IP connections.
  • Reduced CPU load when internal PCR is not transmitted.
  • Configuration utility and service check whether the same transmission address is used on different interfaces and displays a warning.
  • Added configuration setting ‘Transmission mode for DVB output’.
  • Built-in web server returns HTML status page.
  • Message severity is written to log file as ST (status), WA (warning) or ER (error).
  • Maximum log size can be set in the configuration utility.
  • Improved logging in master/standby systems.
  • More information is logged when subtitle is dropped because it would be sent too late.
  • PID type is logged in ‘receiving / not receiving’ messages.
  • Fixed “Queue is full” problem.
  • Corrected loading of active PIDs from configuration file.
  • Configuration was not always saved after it was loaded with »Load configuration from file«.
  • Service did not start if too many AIT Boundary Extensions were defined.
  • SDT tables larger than 1 transport stream packet are correctly transmitted.
  • Corrected PMT generation when transmission mode ‘Synchronize to internal PCR’ is used.
  • Corrected reception bitrate calculation for IP interfaces.
  • License limitations are correctly applied to IP transmission interfaces.
  • Corrected code that waits for HASP to become available when the service is started.
  • Removed extraneous log entries that were sometimes produced when transmission was synchronized to internal clock.
  • Corrected service behaviour after configuration was loaded from Master on Standby system.
  • Status of the master system was not set correctly if ‘Test the connection to the master system’ was clicked while service was running.
  • Corrected transmission on Standby system when Master is running.
  • Corrected transmission on Standby system after configuration was reloaded.
  • Improved master/standby operation when configuration was copied from master to standby.
  • Corrected master/standby operation when option “Transmit PSI and stuffing when transmission is disabled” was not enabled on standby.
  • Corrected master/standby synchronisation mechanism.
  • Corrected problem where FAB DVB Monitor created display nodes for nonexisting interfaces.
  • FAB DVB Monitor displays transmission status (Enabled, Disabled, PSI and stuffing).
FAB Media Converter
  • Video files are converted to MP4 format with very low GOP size for ultrafast navigation within the video file in FAB Subtitler.
FAB Subtitle Database
  • When export is run with /modifiedonly /noplaylist, STL files are written to disk only when subtitles are modified and not if other data in a playlist record is changed.
  • If an error occurs in automated export mode, the program stays active for 30 seconds and then exits.
  • When importing data with automatic import, a new session is established every time the import file becomes available.
  • Archived imported files are prefixed with a date in yyyymmddhhnnss format.
  • Added support for command-line parameters /mapdrive, /mapresource, /mapuser, and /mappass. If provided, the application will try to map specified drive to specified resource. If mapping fails, application will exit. Parameters are only processed when automated import or export are started from a command line.
  • Added checkbox ‘Show deleted’. When checked, deleted records are also shown in the view.
  • Improved display of deleted subtitle files.
  • Fixed “Not enough timers available” problem in automatic import.
  • Under some conditions, subtitle file could be exported twice even though both files had the same content.
  • Corrected UTF-8 processing when record was marked as ‘exported’.
  • Corrected upgrade process for very old databases.
  • When Subtitle Database Client is started from FAB Activity Manager, login errors are only written to the log and no message box is displayed.
  • Wrong address was logged to screen when client failed to connect to the master server and then successfully connected to the standby server.
  • Exporter tried to connect to wrong address when master server wasn’t available.
  • It was not possible to edit custom fields.
FAB Teletext Editor
  • HiLevel data file is downloaded from Teletext Data Generator.
  • Level 2.5 teletext pages are correctly displayed.
  • Active level 2.5 palette can be changed for a teletext page.
  • Activated ‘Object’ tool. Level 2.5 objects can now be managed on a page.
  • ‘Insert, Graphic text’ command was moved to the Tools group as tool ‘Graphic text’.
  • Improved ‘Graphic text’ tool. Text is displayed on the teletext page as you type.
  • Added tool ‘Graphic text in user defined font’.
  • Added configuration option to configure user-defined bitmap fonts to the ‘Graphic text’ configuration page.
  • Single-Sign-On to FAB Network Controller is available.
  • Connection security can be configured under Connection settings. Additional info is available on FAB Support Pages.
  • Backspace does not delete first column when it contains space or colour in the current and previous line.
  • FAB Teletext Editor Standard Edition has been renamed to Basic Edition. FAB Teletext Editor Professional Edition has been renamed to Premium Edition.
  • Improved bitmap importer behaviour.
  • Caret is displayed in correct size for double height.
  • Corrected page wrap behaviour when inserting text.
  • Window for insertion of special characters displays correct colours.
  • Typing of text in block text editor works correctly again when typing over the end of the line.
FAB Network API
  • Number of subpages for saved ETP files is displayed correctly in FAB Network Controller and NC Explorer.
FAB Network Controller
  • Changing the configuration of Users in NC Configuration does not cause a runtime error in FAB Network Controller.
  • Teletext decoding stability improved for IP and hardware teletext decoders.
  • HTML and XML export includes the correct previous and next onair teletext page number.
  • Decoding of teletext pages in real time is available for subtitle pages which are retransmitted without delay to FAB Teletext Data Generator over TCP for licenses with IPDEC option only.
  • The button “Update all pages” for one Data Generator works correctly in NC Configuration.
FAB Archive Server
  • Supports searching for a phrase by wrapping it with double-quotes. (example: “in April”).

Note: Customers with software under warranty or with a valid support contract can download the latest version of FAB Software from our support web site

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