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FAB: Easy subtitle positioning and alignment for live subtitles


FAB Subtitler LIVE now includes two different functions for positioning of live subtitles.

  1. It is now possible to define the horizontal and vertical positioning of the subtitles for the texts from the speech recognition. The buttons left to the speech interface editor are equivalent to the horizontal/vertical alignment buttons in the ribbon in “Home / Format”. This positioning does not affect subtitles that are sent from the subtitle list by using the Insert and Delete key.fab-live-figure-1
  2. The functions available in the Ribbon in “News / Position override” change the position of all transmitted subtitles, even of those which were transmitted and are still visible on the receiver. These functions are provided so that the position of a certain subtitle can be moved quickly, e.g. if there is already text in the video which shall not be covered by the subtitle. This new functionality makes it extremely easy to move a subtitle away from the text in the video.