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Production, Post Production and Studios

Animation, Compositing, Broadcast IT, Storage, Camera and Accessories, Converters, Adaptors, Digital Cinema, DCP, Editing, Graphics, Monitors, Subtitling, Motion Control, Motion Capture, Networking, are some of the solutions and products we offer.

This is where is all began, back in 1989. The area which first took advantage of specialised solutions from the IT department. Powerful workstations and fault tolerant RAID subsystems as well as turnkey transcoding installations and collaboration applications.

Pulling from our extensive Broadcast experience we also offer complete redesign of your installation and well as all the necessary equipment to install and efficiently operate a fully tested 3Gbps installation. It is much simpler than you think.

Production & Studio

New technologies could not interfere with Studio and Production. New Chroma Key technologies for application in the most unlikely places allow direct switching from green to blue (REFLECMEDIA).

Solutions for archiving and immediate recall of Casting or Location shots, Video monitors and Video Assist (BMD etc), Cameras (SONY, BMD, PANASONIC etc) and their peripherals (ZETARM etc) especially a full range of amazing quality and price of handbags and covers CAMRADE) as well as selling or renting top MotionCapture (VICON) and Motion Control (MRMC) systems.


With proper use of technology, work can be done in a much more productive way. New services can be added to the products and services you offer to your customers and you can also go to new markets. AMY Digital Video and our friendly and experienced engineers will be your allies and collaborators on this journey. Contact us today and where you know it can start a partnership that will last for many years.

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