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End-to-End Solution for Media and Targeted Ad delivery (OTT) from Imagine Communications


The growth of OTT video consumption offers content owners and service providers tremendous opportunities to engage audiences and further monetize content, but also creates operational pressures — particularly for those who must integrate new workflows with existing television infrastructure.

Powering a variety of multiscreen applications from live/linear OTT to dynamic ad insertion, Imagine offers a comprehensive range of next-generation OTT solutions that enable media companies to streamline the delivery of revenue-generating content wherever and however viewers are consuming media.

End-to-End OTT

Imagine partners with third-party Middleware providers to offer a true end-to-end OTT solution that encompasses the key building blocks of media management and delivery, middleware, monetization and client applications. Live/linear, VOD, and DVR capabilities are supported, along with Dynamic Ad Insertion across all services for enhanced monetization. Multiple, flexible business model options range from subscription and ad-supported, to transaction- based and hybrid.

Imagine OTT is part of our overall Unified Distribution solution, enabling content distributors to leverage a single backend based on fragmented video to serve both their multiscreen and traditional linear delivery systems.

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