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Company Stand Short
Angelbird Technologies GmbH 7.A55 solid state storage, memory devices
ANNOVA Systems GmbH 3.B36 newsroom content automation and editorial computer systems, standalone journalist editors and field editors, workflow, business and resource planning systems, information management, CRM, ERP,
Archiware 7.D35 Software tools, library management systems including hierarchical storage management
Avitech International Corporation 9.LP1 Innovative monitoring solutions to empower multiviewing and to meet the evolving needs
Blackmagic Design 3.A27, 7.B45 Production and Post Production equipment and software
Blue Lucy Media 7.D43 Core product, BLAM, is a media and operations management toolset which provides asset and workflow management through a simplified browser-based interface.
Bluefish444 7.B44 High-end capture cards
Broadcast Solutions 0.E02, 8.D74 intercom and talkback, satellite communications, playout facilities, mobile units including SNG and outside broadcast remote trucks, studio and production
Canford 11.D01 microphone stands and accessories, microphones, headphones, intercom and talkback, fibre interfaces and systems.
Cinegy 7.A01, 7.A02 collaborative workflow encompassing IP, capture, editing, and playout services tools, integrated into an active archive for full digital asset management.
Conviva 5.B37 Conviva make content engagement a data driven outcome that maximizes subscriber and advertising revenue
Conax (Nagra) 1.C81 world’s leading independent provider of content protection and user experience solutions for pay-TV providers and content owners
Decimator Design 7.A15 format converters incl aspect ratio conversion and legalisers, standards converters, Audio Monitoring, Multiviewers, test pattern generators.
Editshare 7.B45 High-end storage and MAM solutions
F.A. Bernhardt GmbH, FAB 2.A21 subtitling systems, teletext and MHEG systems
GatesAir 8.D60 TV and Radio Trasmitters and transmission networking systems (ex-Harris Broadcast)
Hawk-Woods LTD 12.A73 camera batteries.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 15.MS47 – 50 internet distribution, internet and streaming media headends, video on demand servers and systems, business and technology, asset management and rights management systems.
IBM 7.B25 Optimized storage capabilities and workflows, to move and stream high-quality, complex digital content and Watson-enabled monetization tools
Imagine Communications
4.A01 playout automation, modular systems, routers, transmission, scheduling, sales, traffic and billing systems
Imagine Communications
4.A01 playout automation, modular systems, routers, transmission, scheduling, sales, traffic and billing systems
Lasergraphics 6.C10 Film Scaners for archives
Ledgo Technology 12.G68 Lighting solutions
Lumens Digital Optics Inc 11.A02 Portable document cameras, desktop document cameras, a ceiling document camera, HD PTZ cameras, and projection engines.
Marshall Electronics Inc. 12.D20 System cameras including CCU and camera control, camera lenses, 4K cameras.
Matrox VIDEO 7.B15 Contribution encoders/decoders, Hardware accelerators, IO Boards, IP protocol (2022/2110) technology, fibre interfaces and systems, IP networks and switches, encoding and compression, internet and streaming media headends, video recorder/ video ingest.
METUS 7.D13 Asset management and rights management systems, video recorder/ video ingest, workflow, business and resource planning systems.
MRMC – Nikon 10.D26, 12.F11 4K cameras, camera lenses, camera robotics.
OOYALA 14.E13,14.G02 IPTV / OTT/ Connected TV / Content Everywhere service provider, cloud services, asset management and rights management systems, Workflow solutions
P+S Technik 12.B12 Camera lenses accessories.
ProMAX Systems 7.D55 NAS/SAN storage – non-realtime encoding/decoding, library management systems including hierarchical storage management, nearline storage, video servers (realtime encoding/decoding) production & transmition.
Quicklink 3.B30 CDN, audio workstations, encoding and compression, software as a service, playout.
RT Software 6.C16 CG, template driven 2-D and 3-D graphic overlays for live or master control, election and news room graphics, specialist sports graphics and virtual studios all supporting virtualised rendering and distributed control.
Seachange 1.F70 OTT Software
SimplyLIVE 3.B19 Fibre interfaces and systems, microwave links, mobile and portable satellite uplinks, satellite ground stations (fixed uplinks), mobile units including SNG and outside broadcast remote trucks.
Starline Computer GmbH 7.D51 NAS/SAN storage – non-realtime encoding/decoding, nearline storage, robotic tape libraries – data (including associated controlling software), hard disk systems – direct attached, server controllers.
Streamroot 14.C12 Streamroot is a leading provider of cross-platform distributed OTT delivery technologies for media groups, content publishers and enterprise customers.
Telestream 7.C16 File conversion & transcoders; ingest metadata, standards converters, encoding and compression, subtitling, video recorder/ video ingest, file-based analysis, quality control, test and measurement.
Tiger Technologies 7.B58 High performance storage area network (SAN) management tools and media and workflow management solutions.
X-Pert.TV 8.E02 UHD/HD/SD-SDI and IP streaming solutions, disaster recovery, multi-playout, remote control and monitoring, ad Insertion and scheduling solutions, which are flexible, scalable and easy to update to the latest technology trends.
Teradek 12.E65, 1.BS24 Wireless camera systems.