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Αποδοτικές λύσεις φορητής ενέργειας για κάμερες, φώτα και άλλες συσκευές ενός video επαγγελματία.

AmyDV is now an official Hawk-Woods partner and can deliver the whole range of usefull power related accessories that Hawk-Wood manufacture.

These are accessories that complement the basic systems of a large range of manufacturers including ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon, Apple and many others.

For the Blackmagic Design POCKET CINEMA CAMERA – BST-K2, BST-1

Hawk-Woods BST-k2                           BST-1

Especially the HawkWoods BST-K2 is offered at a preferential price for the first period of the representation.

It includes the charger a BST-1 adapter and two BP-30U batteries.



 DV-BMS                                    BP-BMΧ



For lights – DV-BM1, CB7-30

DV-BM1                           Hawk-Woods CB7-30

For monitors – DV-A12X                     

Hawk-Woods DV-A12X                             Hawk-Woods DV-A13X

For AUDIO equipment- DV-AUX2S, DV-FR2        

 Hawk-Woods DV-AUX2S                Hawk-Woods DV-FR2

For broadcast equipment – DV-SQNR, DV-SQN4X, Hirose 4 pin Male connector

Hawk-Woods DV-SQNR                       Hawk-Woods DV-SQN4X              Hawk-Woods Hr10a-7p-4p

PS-150, RP-165H, VL-XP1

Hawk-woods PS-150          Hawk-woods RP-165H         Hawk-Woods VL-XP1


High Power X-Boxx battery box series – XB1-680, XB3-340

 Hawk-Woods XB1-680                       Hawk-Woods XB3-340

Broadcast cables, adapters – LA-23, LA-47, LA-48, LA-49, LA-60, LA-68

 Hawk-Woods LA-23LA-40LA-47 LA-48LA-49LA-60LA-68


Battery adapters, accessories for iPhone / iPad / MacBook – i-PW1, i-PW2, i-PW3, LA-40


 Hawk-Woods i-PW3     i-PW2


BP-MAC                       DV-MAC

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