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EditShare QScan picks up ‘Best of Show’ IBC Award

QScan picks up a RedShark ‘Best of Show’ IBC Award. QScan was recognised for its implementation of IMF package testing.

A key reason why so many are adopting QScan is its ease of use. Its intuitive visual based timeline reporting enables users to visually see where the issue is rather than scrolling through a detailed text-based PDF ( although we give you one of those PDFs too!) It’s the industry’s fastest and most affordable suite of Automated Quality Control solutions.

Now shipping with QScan Macros enabling you to build a customised template in seconds akin to a node based template, QScan will make sure your content adheres to global delivery standards. Remember, QScan ships with other favourite QC functions such as PSE and AS11 templates ratified by the DPP.

Each QScan solution is tailored to meet every production need at price points every facility can afford. EditShare has introduced a brand new mini website for QScan so you can find out more about the world of AQC or even take the software for a fully functioning 14 day test drive.

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