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EditShare at NAB 2018 – Media Workflow Solutions for the New Era

EditShare at NAB 2018 – Media Workflow Solutions for the New Era

Having gained some notable awards in 2017, EditShare comes to NAB Las Vegas with an exciting line-up and some major announcements to be made at the show. Our team will be on hand to showcase our comprehensive suite of production tools including solutions for scale-out storage, AQC and file verification, asset security and anti-theft, media asset management, disaster recovery and production continuity.

From their innovative and industry game-changer EFS (EditShare File System) storage platform – which allows you to start smaller but scale indefinitely – right through to Flow MAM, which brings a new intelligent layer of Asset Management to any media storage pool, EditShare will change the way you think about your workflow.


QUALES AQC solutions

At some point during the post-production process, nearly all film and TV shows require a Quality Control check procedure. A QC check will run through the content and make sure it adheres to the stringent controls required for broadcast or subscription-based, online television platforms. For example, are there any audio dropout, compression artifacts or freeze frames in the video signals? The QC check will run through this process automatically and deliver a report, confirming the approval or rejection of the content.

In the US, the QC of files is in its infancy stage but very soon this will become a prerequisite of all facilities, the ability to check your content. Learn about AQC solutions and what we are doing to help the migration with our automated QC approach.

Multi award-winning, resilient EFS storage that can be easily and cost-effectively expanded

Launched less than a year ago and already a multiple award winning product, having picked up awards at both NAB and IBC 2017, the XStream EFS 200 and XStream EFS 300 are based on the elite EditShare File System (EFS) that delivers dynamic performance and impressive fault tolerance while streamlining administrative tasks and providing a plug-and-play upgrade path.

The new EFS 200 and EFS 300 are the first to provide the option of starting with a simple, affordable and scalable “All in One” single-node solution that also includes the Flow Media Asset Management and Ark Media Archive applications.

This combination of complete workflow support, right-sized capacity and cutting-edge scale-out storage features is ideal for equipping small or emerging media operations, allowing your storage requirements to grow with your business.

We will also showcase an upcoming, most sought after feature called EFS Storage Auditing, bringing extreme accountability to facilities who are working with highly valuable content. EFS Storage Auditing brings significant tracking data into the production workflow by tracking “who did what to which file and when”. Read more about storage auditing here.

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