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Continuity, Titling, Editing installation at Telekerkyra TV

Playbox_AmyDV -BestTV

Στις πανέμορφες νέες εγκαταστάσεις του σταθμού στην Κέρκυρα εγκαταστάθηκαν τα συστήματα της PlayBox και της AmyDV για να καλύψουν το Playout, τα γραφικά καθώς και το μοντάζ ολόκληρη δηλαδή η ροή και η παραγωγή του σταθμού. Την εγκατάσταση... Continue reading

Installation Graphics Engine Iconstation from AmyDV and Harris


Amy DV successfully installed Harris graphics engine Iconstation which was connected to the automation system. With the particular system Alpha´s workflow has obtained a tool that simplifies creativity, image representations and maintenance of high quality standards graphics under a flexible and manageable way. IconStation™ simplifies the creation, display and maintenance of a consistent brand,... Continue reading

Mega control room multiviewer installation, Harris Predator II GX

Harris Predator II GX

After careful choice and in collaboration with Mega Channel, AmyDV installed in Control #2 of Mega Channel, a multiviewer of the new line Harris Predator II GX. They drive an elegant video wall of 6 SAMSUNG monitor screens (2×3). The multiviewer setup is completely connected with the stations vision mixer to provide full UMD/ Tally information for the inputs. Extensive trials were realised at... Continue reading

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