Amy Digital Video

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0.Area of Interest Short Description Companies
Ad Tech Solutions OOYALA, Imagine,  IBM Watson, Video Indexer
Augmented Reality RTSW, MRMC, Mosys, Stype, HTC, Microsoft
Automation (Traditional) Imagine Communications
Digital Signage Infocaster, Navori, Broadsign, Brightsign, Yodeck
Film Scanners Lasergraphics, [BMD]
Motion capture (optical) mrmc, optitrack, Vicon
Multiviewer [see Monitoring and Control]
Networking (Video) Imagine, Teradek, [quicklink]
News/ Studio Automation Scisys (Annova),
OTT / OVP Imagine, Seachange, Conax, ARTEC, HpEDVS, DIVITEL, NAGRA (CONAX)
Playout & Master Control check subcategries
MAM, DAM HPE, BLM, Metus, IBM, ProMAX, Athensa, Cinegy, Editshare
Conference & Lecture capture BJN, Infocus, Jupiter, Polystream
Converters BMD, AJA, MATROX, ++
Encoders Imagine, HPE, Telestream, Teradek, Kiloview
Lecture capture (autodirector, etc) Arec, LUMENS, Matrox LCS
Networking (IT) DELL, Cisco, HPE
Routers BMD, Imagine
Servers Video Imagine, Athensa
Streaming AREC, Matrox, Telestream, Viewcast, BMD,
Teleprompter Prompterpeople, Fortinge
Video I/O Matrox, BMD, Bluefish, Aja
VideoWalls, Display Solutions Matrox, Philips, Samsung, RTSW, Delta display
Infrastructure (Baseband TV) imagine
Monitoring and control (Baseband) Imagine, Avitech,  BMD
Archiving & backup Metus, Archiware, IBM, NASDeluxe, AmyDV, LTO8, PROMAX
CG, Graphics, Branding Athensa, New Blue, Cinegy, RTSW, X-pert
Fiber Optic Solutions Imagine, BMD, AJA, Fieldcast, Embrionix + GBIC
Installation Museum [Various]
Signal Processing (Baseband) Imagine, BMD, Aja
Storage (SSD, LTO, Backup, Editshare, proMAX, Tiger, Dell, HPE, Redhat, IBM, Aspera, Imagine, Gtech
Subtitling FAB, Athensa, X-pert
Transcoding Telestream, Metus, Imagine
Virtual Reality (VR & 360) Optitrack, Vicon, Manus, HTC, Microsoft,
3D (SW)][ 3D Software Cinema3D, Lightwave, Maya, Max, Next Limit, RealFlow
DCC plug-ins ][ Boris, Genarts, BOOM, Copilot
Projectors Infocus, Delta display
Audio Production BMD (Fairlight)
Camera Supports][ Tripods, Head, Jibs, Dolly, Motion Control Shotoku, Sachtler, Miller, Manfrotto, Cartoni, Thor
Cameras and Lenses Panasonic, BMD, Kinefinity
Equipment Cases
Infrastructure (Studio) [various]
Lights][ Ledgo,
Live Production Blackmagic, Imagine
Microphones][ [3RD], Deity, Shure, AT, Senheiser
NLE (SW) Magix, BMD, Adobe, Cinegy, Apple (FCX),
Installation Studio [various]
Grading- Colouring SW BMD, next limit,
Production Power solutions Hawk Woods, [UPS]
Control surfaces Contour, Tangent wave, Wacom, BMD
Master Control (Baseband) Imagine,
Disk Recorders BMD
GAMING][ Telestream, Roccat, Hori,
Green Screen Reflecmedia, Rosco etc
Imaging (Medical, Scientific) BMD, Matrox
Monitors Audio, BMD, Imagine, Adam Audio, D31
Monitors Video Lilliput, Bon, Smartview, Kona…, Dell, etc, Plura
Motion control MRMC, Strype, + special PTZ for BMD
Compliance Recorders IdeasU, AmyDV, ARTEC
Notebooks [3RD]
Projector screens Projecta, Dalite
Satellite connections SIS live, Quicklink
Security Video Various
Servers IT HPE, DELL, Lenovo, Supermicro
Touch screens ELO, Displax, Samsung
Workstations HPE, DELL, Lenovo, Supermicro, AmyDV