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Archiware will show version 6 of its archive suite at #IBC2019

 Archiware P5 version 6 at #IBC2019

Archiware will show version 6 of its archive suite at #IBC2019

Customers use the P5 Archive app to easily archive and restore files and folders directly from the macOS Finder. Unfortunately, the P5 Archive App cannot be further developed in its current form. The modules and libraries used in this program will no longer be available in future macOS versions, respectively will no longer be supported by Apple.

Archiware is planning to develop a new application that allows to archive projects directly from the desktop. This new application is based on modern technologies and will be available platform-neutral for macOS, Windows and Linux. It will no longer be provided as an add-on, but as a feature via the P5 Archive module.

The goal of our software development is to always orient ourselves as best as possible to the requirements of our customers. Thus, we will send a little survey to all registered P5 Archive App customers. The customer feedback will be very decisive for a user-oriented planning and prioritization of the programming.

The use of the current P5 Archive App is guaranteed for existing customers for a reasonable period of time: Archiware will officially support the product in maintenance mode for 2 years (after the release of P5, version 6).

Archiware integrations

MAM & Archive – the perfect match!

If you work with media assets in any professional setting, a Media Asset Management system is an essential tool to keep your content organized and stored in the right place at the right time for production or broadcast. And once your projects are finished, they should move to a long-term archive for protection, and ready to be restored for reference and re-use. Ideally, your MAM and archive should work hand in hand to keep your valuable assets safe and available at all times. Archiware P5 is an archive system that will work with your MAM to achieve this goal.

Installing FFmpeg & ImageMagick simplifies your Archive!

Proxies and previews add substantial value to your Archive, since they let you check your content at a glance.


Archiware Pure version 2

Solution for backing up virtual machines hosted on VMware servers.

The Storage Cost Calculator

The Archiware Storage Cost Calculator is a free tool available on the Archiware website. It was created to help you choose the best medium for your data security setup.

When considering the suitable storage for your backup and archive, there are a lot of points to consider: amount of data, capacity, speed, and – very importantly – the cost involved for buying or renting the required storage space. Taking into account the crucial aspect of offsite storage, LTO tape and cloud have clear advantages over disk, so the Storage Cost Calculator focusses on these two. It factors in both initial cost and cost over time to give you a complete picture.

Simply download the spreadsheet, fill in the anticipated volume of data and get estimated pricing for tape and cloud storage as well as upload/download times. The spreadsheet includes tabs for Backup and Archive in three currencies. Try the Storage Cost Calculator now!

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