Amy Digital Video

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AmyDV; Wireless 4K with HDR! Teradek BOLT


Teradek is the leading creator of high-quality wireless transmission technology. The production site is the first to exploit high quality 4K technologies (another 4K and another 4K!).
Below you will read about the device that allows you to move freely to productions that must be 4K and can not be bound to wires (especially 1G SDI!)

Next-Gen Wireless Goes 4K

Bolt 4K defines a new category of wireless video technology, delivering zero delay, uncompressed 2160p60 HDR video at up to 1,500 ft. Our exclusive breakthrough technology offers 8x the reliability and signal performance, 50% more range, and superior image fidelity compared to existing systems.

Get your hands on this groundbreaking technology first.

Unrivaled Video Quality

The patented RF technology produces finer detail and better color reproduction, even if you’re at the system’s maximum wireless range.

Stunning HDR Video

With 10-bit, 4:2:2 image quality and support for the HDR-10, PQ, and HLG standards, Bolt 4K delivers incredible image fidelity over its wireless link.

Universal Compatibility

All Bolt 4K systems are compatible with one another and are multicast-capable to up to 6 receivers, even if they’re from different model ranges.

Do It All With the Bolt App for iOS

Manage every parameter of the Bolt 4K from the convenience of your smartphone. The Bolt App for iOS offers easy access to Bolt’s essential features like pairing, channel selection, spectrum analyzer, and more.

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