Zixi-Virtual2020: “Zixi Delivers” μάθετε περισσότερα 14-24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020


Zixi-Virtual2020: “Zixi Delivers” μάθετε περισσότερα 14-24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020

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[:el]Συνδεθείτε στο φετινό Zixi Delivers, μια σειρά από webinar και virtual meetings κατά τη διάρκεια της IBC με τις τελευταίες ενημερώσεις SDVP, συζητήσεις πάνελ και επιδείξεις συστημάτων και Zixi-συμβατών λύσεων.  Εγγραφές εδώ και το ημερολόγιο (που σιγά σιγά γεμίζει) με τις εκδηλώσεις όλων των εταιρειών εδώ. 

Για οποιαδήποτε απορία ή επεξήγηση, καθώς και custom επιδείξεις συγκεκριμένων συνδυασμών ή προϊόντων επικοινωνείτε πάντα με Κατερίνα Καφτάνη, [email protected] ή 210 6133000 εσωτερικό 330.

Τα σεμινάρια της Zixi αναλυτικά:

It’s Zixi or It’s Not: Advantages of the SDVP

Tuesday September 15th, 11AM – 11:45 AM ET

Zixi’s Executive Chairman and CEO Gordon Brooks will explain the different elements of the SDVP: the preeminent Zixi Protocol and 16 supported protocols, the Zixi Video Solutions Stack, ZEN Master Control Plane, and the Zixi Enabled Network of integrated technology partners.

Brooks will explain how each of the four components allow the broadcaster video network to be intelligently and centrally managed using software and integrated devices across IP networks, industry protocols, different cloud providers and edge devices for a truly unique live video solution.

Zixi Delivers Webinar

End-to-End Live Video Distribution with Red Bee Media & Zixi

Wednesday, September 16th, 11AM – 11:45 AM ET

Red Bee Media, provider of an end-to-end managed service offering, has recently adopted the entire SDVP and standardized on Zixi and Zixi ZEN Master for the management of Channel Store, a global signal aggregation and distribution platform.

This webinar will explore how Red Bee Media relies on the SDVP to deliver ultra-low latency live video and configure, deploy and monitor streams from anywhere in the world through one comprehensive system.

Red Bee Zixi Webinar

The Gateway to Better Delivery with Sencore and Zixi

Thursday, September 17th, 11AM – 11:45 AM ET

Sencore, developer of reliable, cost-effective signal transmission and content monitoring solutions for the broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV markets, has integrated Zixi into their hardware solutions to provide cost-effective and easily-deployable solutions for live video streaming. This webinar will demonstrate how Sencore and Zixi’s integrated solutions allow content providers to bridge the gap between unmanaged and managed networks and transmit content over the open internet with confidence.

Sencore Zixi Webinar

Universal Origination in Virtualized Workflows
with the Software-Defined Video Platform

Tuesday, September 22nd, 11AM – 11:45 AM ET

As media companies virtualize their live streaming infrastructure, workflows are becoming more complex. This webinar will explain why the concept of universal origination is crucial to managing today’s virtualized broadcast supply chains. Zixi’s VP of Business Development, Eric Bolten, will showcase how the ability to handle virtualized workflows universally through the SDVP allows content owners to efficiently gather signals and programming and send to multiple digital and traditional destinations across the distribution ecosystem and on to the consumer at broadcast-quality.

ZEN Master Grid View

5G and the Future of Broadcasting

Wednesday, September 23rd, 11AM – 11:45 AM ET

5G is on its way, but what effects will it have on the broadcasting industry and how soon will they take hold? From higher bitrate, lower latency delivery, to extreme programmability with software-defined video platforms, to virtualized cloud-based infrastructures, and advanced QoS and QoE, this panel will feature Zixi’s industry-leading customers and partners discussing the many challenges and opportunities facing broadcast media as the industry prepares for 5G-enabled IP-based distribution models for live video. Learn how 5G will impact the way content services are delivered and operated, and what tools broadcasters will need now in order to prepare for the 5G era.

Zixi 5G panel

Monitoring and Delivery Over IP with TAG Video Systems

Thursday, September 24th, 11AM – 11:45 AM ET

TAG’s MCM-9000 now offers native support for Zixi input and output transport streams, eliminating the need for outbound processing or servers. This webinar will explore how TAG and Zixi’s joint solution provides broadcasters and content distributors the benefit of a simplified system design that easily enables cloud-based applications, reduces costs, and allows for proactive monitoring and delivery of live video at scale.

[:en]Join us for Zixi Delivers, a showcase of webinars and virtual meetings during the traditional IBC time frame where the Zixi team will detail the latest SDVP updates, host panel discussions between top customers and partners, and provide demonstrations from integrated technology partners of their Zixi-compatible solutions.


Thought Leadership and New Enhancements from the Award-Winning SDVP

This September, Zixi will host Zixi Delivers a virtual showcase during the traditional IBC timeframe to engage with existing and prospective customers and partners. Beginning on Monday September 14th and running through Friday September 25th, Zixi Delivers will introduce the latest enhancements to the award-winning Software-Defined Video Platform, the most comprehensive industry offering designed to deliver live video over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device.

Through a series of webinars and virtual meetings, this virtual showcase will provide opportunities for audiences to learn about the SDVP from Zixi leadership, integrated partners and top media companies that are using Zixi to virtualize their streaming infrastructure and conquer the challenges of on-prem and remote orchestration, monitoring and management of live streaming workflows delivered over IP.

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