Metus to present ​Metus Archive Box at #IBC2019

Metus to present ​Metus Archive Box at #IBC2019

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This year Metus, which will be at # IBC2019 – #Booth 7.D13, will present the new Metus Arhive Box.

Asset management and LTO in a single unit
Metus Archive Box is a MAM with a complete LTO-8 archive system offering 84TB LTO and unlimited offline capacity. With advanced ILM feature, Metus Archive Box manages your assets automatically from offline to online storage.
Metus Archive Box comes with a friendly UI and provides web access for the assets on tape.

  • Unlimited offline LTO capacity

The archive system manages an unlimited number of LTO cartridges that have been taken entirely offline. This means that the capacity of the archive effectively becomes infinite.

  • Rule based asset & archive management (ILM)

The Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) feature can automatically move files between tier 1 , tier 2 and tier 3 storage systems based on access frequency, or other user-defined rules.

  • Search

The system keeps cartridge ID in MAM database. Use simple or advance search to find your assets easily with custom metadata or cartridge ID.
Advanced custom metadata
MAM provides unlimited custom metadata creation to make perfect catalogs for your needs.

  • User friendly UI

Color coded file status allows users to understand which file is online & nearline at a glance.
• HTML5 based Web & Mobile Access
If you want to find and retrieve files from your archive, just open your web browser, watch the proxy and download hi-res from the tape.
• Work with proxy for offline files
Do not waste your time to restore wrong files. Watch proxy files before retrieving the hi-res from the tape
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Please contact us either by phone to 210 6133000 internal 5 or by email to [email protected] with a time and days that will be most convenient for you to meet with the Metus team. We will confirm with a calendar invitation or a call!
We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!
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