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SSD2GO PKT XT 1 TB2 TB4 TB add free engraving EUR839.88All prices incl. 20% VAT In Stock. Ships within 48h. Big inside! Our lives are […] Continue reading

SSD2GO Pocket

256 GB512 GB   Fast, Safe, Stylish ‒ Yours Our lives are busier than ever. And whether we’re working, creating, or just having fun, it seems […] Continue reading

Angelibird Wings X2

Η πιο στιβαρή σας αναβάθμιση! Όλοι ξέρουμε ότι οι δίσκοι M2 όταν ζεσταίνονται τα χάνουν.  Αν χρειάζεστε χωρητικότητα, επιδόσεις και αξιοπιστία, η απάντηση είναι WINGS […] Continue reading

FAB.: Using the Transcription function in FAB-Subtitler

Introduction FAB Subtitler PRO/LIVE/MPEG supports the use of cloud based speech recognition services for transcription of audio from video files to subtitle files with text […] Continue reading

Get ready for ISE 2019


AmyDV will be participating in ISE 2019 ((Integrated Systems Europe) with our partners. Any visiting can contact us at to better plan the visits […] Continue reading