LaON Technology-5 GHz Digital Wireless Intercom System

LaON Technology-5 GHz Digital Wireless Intercom System

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 LaON-tech. Ψηφιακό intercom. Μια καινοτόμος επιχείρηση απο το 2004 που εργάζεται με πατενταρισμένη τεχνολογία 5GHz για ευέλικτες digital wireless intercom λύσεις που είναι low-latency, low-power, non-compressed, multi-channel, high-security (AES 256)!

Ελάτε να τα δείτε απο κοντά στην PPP-2018 στις 24 Μαίου.

System Features

LaON Technology (‘LaON’)’s digital wireless intercom system is based on patented technology and offers the best audio quality with an excellent clarity by using 5 GHz UNII Band, triple diversity – frequency, time and antenna, and frequency interference avoidance technologies. It guarantees system stability even in large congested site environments where various A/V and wireless equipment is co-located. A super-scalable IP-based repeater plus a Remote Station enable the system to transfer the power and audio data on a daisy-chain connection. With a multiple Remote Station deployment, the wireless coverage can be amazingly extended. In addition, with a redundancy backup system solution, the system reliability will considerably be improved and under control.

  • License-free 5 GHz UNII Band frequency
  • Super-scalable IP-based repeater solution
  • Industry top level, high quality audio performance
  • 5 communication group channels
  • 11 full-duplex simultaneous audio channels
  • Up to 128 Belt Pack connections
  • Belt Pack in master mode
  • Full connectivity with external devices
  • Comfortable, compact and classy design
  • Various battery options
  • System monitoring function
  • AES 256bit level 3 encryption
  • Efficient 7 bay charger
  • LaON in-house technologies and solutions

LT750 System (Expert System)

LT750 is a high range professional system that offers exceptional features for the use at large venues, stadiums, stations, OB trucks, etc.

Remote Station, RBS25 (Expert System)

Super-scalable IP-based repeater to enable a huge extension of the wireless coverage and consolidation of wide areas in one.

LT550 System (Expert System)

LT550 Expert system is a perfect fit for various applications, including broadcasting, musical, theatre, concert and industrial sites.


LT250 System (Basic System)

The basic system LT250 is a slim but powerful solution that supports intelligent communication. Good for medium sized venues such as Houses of Worship, schools, hospitals and smaller enterprises.

LT150 System (Mobile System)

The mobile system LT150 provides professional audio quality equivalent to the LT750 system. The station can be used either fixed or mobile. It fits for smaller sites and where portability is key.


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