Archiware releases one-click Archiving tool “P5 Archive App”

Archiware releases one-click Archiving tool “P5 Archive App”

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Archiware, manufacturer of the data management software suite Archiware P5, is launching the revolutionary P5 Archive App and version 5.3 of the Archiware P5 Software Suite, including Snapshot support and LTO-7 capability.

Munich, November 24th, 2015 – This autumn, Archiware presents the most innovative product in the data management field – the P5 Archive App.

P5-128This add-on to P5 Archive radically simplifies the Archiving process by allowing users to archive and restore files directly from Finder via the right-click context menu, without the need to open P5 Archive


Final Cut Pro X projects are archived and restored including all media used in the project.

Archived files and folders are represented by a link file which displays metadata and previews on doubleclick.

Metadata can be added during archiving. All jobs are listed in a monitoring window for verification.

The P5 Archive App will be available for Mac OS X initially, with more platforms to follow in the future.

Simultaneously, Archiware releases version 5.3 of their core product, the Archiware P5 Suite.

Aside from supporting the P5 Archive App, this new version has two major new features:

Snapshot support in P5 Synchronize

In Version 5.3, the Synchronize Module supports a powerful functionality of advanced file systems such

as ZFS or BtrFS, which is creating a snapshot of the status quo of data. The advantage of this approach is

that very little resources are used. Snapshots can be created instantly and the required storage space

matches the amount of data that has changed. This functionality enables the user to keep and provide

multiple cycles of synchronized data.

LTO-7 capability

P5 version 5.3 has been tested successfully with LTO-7 drives and libraries. Just like with LTO-6,

astonishing performance results were achieved: in a test setup, the average throughput was 223 MB/sec

– 783 GB/hr, running a full backup with tape cloning.


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