Telestream Demonstrates Advances in Enterprise-Class Video Transcoding & Workflow Automation at IBC 2015

Telestream Demonstrates Advances in Enterprise-Class Video Transcoding & Workflow Automation at IBC 2015

August 28, 2015 Broadcast & Playout Events News Production, Post Production Solutions 0


Η Telestream® (Περίπτερο 7.G30), κορυφαία προμηθεύτρια εταιρεία ψηφιακών εργαλείων μέσων και λύσεων ροής εργασιών, θα αξιοποιήσει την Έκθεση IBC 2015 για αν επιδείξει τα επιχειρηματικής-κλάσης προϊόντα της.

Νέες δυνατότητες και επιλογές διευρύνουν περαιτέρω την κερδοφορία του πελάτη.

Αποτελώντας το κεντρικό κομμάτι της τεχνολογίας της, η πλατφόρμα επεξεργασίας μέσων Vantage® της Telestream αποτελεί το θεμέλιο για μία ευρεία σειρά προϊόντων λογισμικού επιχειρηματικής-κλάσης transcoding και αυτοματισμού ροής εργασιών, η οποία επιτρέπει στους κατόχους περιεχομένου, τους παραγωγούς και τους διανομείς την άμεση, εύκολη και αποτελεσματική εισαγωγή (ingest), μοντάζ, μετασχηματισμό (transform), δημιουργία πακέτου (package), οικονομική εκμετάλλευση και τη διανομή των μέσων τους.

Στην IBC, το Vantage θα επεκτείνει τις δυνατότητες του ως προς την εισαγωγή μέσων με τη νέα επιλογή Camera Ingest που προσφέρει σημαντική εξοικονόμηση χρόνου για χρήστες post-production και ειδήσεων, προσφέροντας hands-free batch ingest, επεξεργασία, χρονική ευθυγράμμιση και συνένωση των βασιζόμενων σε αρχεία μέσων καμερών. Για το περιβάλλον Avid Interplay, πολλών-αναλύσεων clips μπορούν να δημιουργηθούν αυτοματοποιημένα στο Interplay, ενώ επιτρέπεται frame-chase editing.

Το Vantage φημίζεται για την απόλυτη ενοποίηση του με τα συστήματα της Avid, απλοποιώντας και επιταχύνοντας τη διανομή βασιζόμενων-σε-αρχεία μέσων εντός και εκτός Avid περιβάλλοντος. Τοποθετημένο στην καρδιά της ροής εργασιών της Avid, το Vantage αυτοματοποιεί την εισαγωγή μέσων και μεταδεδομένων από τις εισερχόμενες video feeds, τα assets και τα αρχεία ώστε να επιλύσει το πρόβλημα πολύπλοκου transcoding και σεναρίων διανομής αρχείων. Η Telestream διευρύνει την υποστήριξη με νέα εξοικονόμηση κόστους για τους χρήστες της Avid.


Telestream will use IBC 2015 to demonstrate its enterprise-class software products. Forming the centerpiece of its technology showcase, Telestream’s Vantage® media processing platform is the foundation for a broad range of enterprise-class transcoding and workflow automation software products that allow content owners, producers, and distributors to quickly, easily and efficiently ingest, edit, transform, package, monetize and distribute their media.

At IBC, Vantage will extend its media ingest capabilities with a new Camera Ingest option that offers significant time savings for post-production and news users by enabling hands-free batch ingest, processing, time-alignment, and stitching of file-based camera media. For Avid Interplay environments, multi-resolution clips can be created automatically in Interplay while allowing frame-chase editing.

Vantage is known for its tight integration with Avid systems, simplifying and accelerating delivery of file-based media into and out of Avid environments. Sitting at the heart of Avid workflows, Vantage automates media and metadata ingest from incoming video feeds, assets and files to solve users’ most complex transcoding and file-delivery scenarios. Telestream extends this support with new cost savings for Avid users.

The new Lightspeed K80 Server offers significant speed and productivity improvements over previous Lightspeed® Servers for products built on the Vantage media processing platform. The latest GPU/CPU acceleration technologies are utilized to boost video processing and H.264 encoding speeds. This means fewer nodes are required to process more files in less time – allowing users to save time and be more productive. Housed in a high-density 1 RU (rack unit) chassis, the Lightspeed K80 also reduces space, electrical and thermal requirements.

Tempo is a new time adjustment solution for re-timing file-based content and intelligently adjusting the running time of shows and segments. It utilizes new time compression algorithms that deliver superior quality and faster turnaround times. Built on the Vantage platform, and running on the new Lightspeed K80 Server, Tempo is easy to use and offers all of the benefits of the industry’s leading workflow management and transcoding system.

Also built on the Vantage platform, Post Producer is a file-based content assembly software system that addresses the issue of repetitive rendering of different versions of media. Based on user templates and controlled via simple spreadsheet input, Post Producer automatically assembles multi-layer composites from video and graphics – enabling the creation of uniquely-branded versions of the same package for different distribution services.

Recently launched at NAB and built on the Vantage platform, VOD Producer simplifies and automates the complex tasks of preparing and assembling CableLabs-compliant VOD content for cable operators and production networks of any size. Featuring an easy-to-use graphical interface, VOD Producer assembles branded, edited compositions from off-air captures, clean feeds or NLE sources and interfaces with any Telestream software encoder to produce cable, OTT, mobile and broadband output. The system also enables DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) workflows by grooming the final program material for downstream insertion of ad content “on the fly”. This capability maximizes revenue, as media enterprises can easily insert the most relevant advertising into any program stream.

Vantage Cloud Subscriptions complements on-premise Vantage systems by allowing users to quickly and easily provision transcode farms in the cloud with pay-as-you-go pricing at Amazon Web Services (AWS). At IBC, Telestream will feature expanded regional support that allows users to connect locally to an AWS cluster in Singapore, Japan, Australia and Germany. Vantage Lightspeed GPU-accelerated processing is also now available at all of the AWS end points worldwide to enable faster media processing.

Switch is the only media player professionals need to play, inspect, QC, and correct all their media. Switch offers new features for broadcasters, making it the perfect companion tool for Vantage or Episode workflows. Now with professional Audio Meters, loudness monitoring, external preview out to AJA devices, and support for playback of captions, Switch Pro provides an affordable software solution for professional media Quality Control.

Episode multiformat encoding software provides the highest quality video transcoding for the entire digital post-production workflow. Episode will feature closed caption support, more formats, multi-bitrate streaming support, as well as support for multi-track audio and image sequences. Episode offers affordable cross-platform scalability for high quality transcoding.

Telestream will also be featuring Wirecast live streaming production software. Features including Instant Replay, Playlists, iOS sources, Social Media feeds and more. With more partnerships (Microsoft Azure, NewBlue FX, Wowza and others) Wirecast is ideal for streaming or recording live Internet shows, breaking news, sporting events, live concerts, church services, corporate meetings and lectures. It offers all the powerful production capabilities of expensive hardware solutions with the flexibility and affordability of a software application.



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