poolIt 1.6 Now Available For Download


poolIt 1.6 Now Available For Download

September 8, 2011 News Press Releases 0

Ανακοινώθηκε απο την Tiger Technology η νέα έκδοση 1.6 του poolIt Pro και poolIt Server με υποστήριξη σε Mac OS X Lion.
New in release 1.6:
 – (Mac) Support for Mac OS X Lion/Lion Server
– (Win/Mac) Support for metaSAN-managed Volumes
– (Win/Mac) Improved Messages
– (Win) Optimized File Operations on Windows
Private clouds for all!
poolIt is a versatile software tool that lets you build true and easily deployable private cloud storage. poolIt makes the content of multiple live volumes accessible through a single namespace and virtual file system, i.e. a “pool”. The individual volumes that are participating in the pool are referred to as “members”. Upon adding a member to the pool, the volume first unmounts from the desktop before  its content reappears inside to the pool. When browsing the pool, users do not see the individual members. Instead, they see content from all members, with their respective files and folders, merged as if all files and folders had been copied onto a virtual volume. When writing files to the pool, they always get written on one of the members. You use simple runtime policies to instruct poolIt where to write.
 Just pool it. If it contains data, it can probably be pooled.
It can be a local drive, a removable drive, a RAID, a NAS or a network share: if it is a writable media accessible through HFS+ or NTFS+/NFS/CIFS, it can most likely be pooled.
 See no evil. Looks like a drive. Smells like a drive. Must be a drive!
Say goodbye to broken links. The pool mounts as a virtual drive on your desktop with a unique namespace – a volume name on Mac and a drive letter on PC. The pool is transparent for users and applications that can work over a network. 
 Organic volume. No need for storage provisioning. Period.
Your total pool capacity matches the sum of all the volumes it contains. There is no wasted space as all the available space combines. To increase the capacity of your pool, simply add more drives to it. Gone are the days you struggled to make space on a full partition.
 Repurpose. Retire. Recycle.  Decommission aging hardware before it fails.
The “release” function lets you automatically flush and re-distribute a member’s content among the remaining ones (subject to available space). When the “release” process is completed and there are no more files left on the member, it is automatically ejected from the pool and remounted on the desktop. You may retire the hardware or reassign it to another business unit.
 Easy to manage. No need for an IT specialist.
poolIt’s virtualization technology turns standard HFS+ or NTFS volumes (on Mac and Windows respectively) into flexible pool members.  There is no need to be an IT specialist to create and manage a pool as you use standard backup, archive, check disk, repair and defrag tools to maintain the individual members of your pool. 
 Reliable and dependable. Why reinvent the wheel?
Your pool file system has been field-tested by hundreds of millions of users! Every file access made to your pool is performed through standard OS calls and i/o services. This means that the integrity of your file system is always maintained and preserved. There is no need to be a “SAN geek” to create and manage your SAN as you use standard backup, archive, check disk, repair and defrag tools to maintain the individual volumes in your SAN.
 No broken links. No need to relink files or media. 
You access files in the pool through soft links instead of hard links. This means files can be moved or migrated to another member whilst still appearing in the exact same location within the pool. This makes it very convenient to shuffle and reorganize where data is stored, without affecting users or applications.
 Hierarchical Storage Management. Store, tier and migrate data under the hood.
Automate data tiering using intelligent policies, such as “Fill-up”, “File-type”, “Harmonize” or “Last accessed” to better match the value of your data with the various storage resources you own. For instance video files can be stored on a fast RAIDs while critical projects files can be stored on more secure server that benefits from data duplication and instant recovery. 
 Ticket to freedom. Open architecture provides independence.
Most virtualization technology are based on proprietary file system or hardware. As storage capacity requirements are estimated to double every 12 months, your storage costs might skyrocket with your hands tied. With poolIt you are always free to choose the vendor that offers the very best storage value because poolIt works with off-the-shelf components. You can choose among – or combine – Fibre Channel, iSCSI, AoE, Infiniband, 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet, etc. 
 poolIt does not create; store or manipulate critical metadata information. It only keeps track of which members belong to what pool. If this information ever gets corrupted or lost, there is absolutely no risk to lose data. In the worse possible scenario, the members of the pool will mount individually and you can very easily re-create your pool.
 When removing a member from the pool, the volume automatically remounts on the desktop along with the data it contains. This risk-free non-destructive mechanism lets any regular volume – and the data it contains – participate in the cloud.
 Upgrade eligibility:
All poolIt 1.x users can upgrade to version 1.6 at no extra charge.
 Contact your Tiger sales representative if you have any questions.
The Tiger team


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