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New Version Vue 9 from e-on Software

The Complete Digital Nature Solution for 3D Artists Designed for expert 3D artists and graphics studios, Vue 9 Complete provides a complete solution for natural 3D scenery. While maintaining unequaled user friendliness, Vue 9 Complete combines into a single package a multitude of cutting-edge features that let you easily create and control rich EcoSystems™ of wind-swept trees and plants, hyper-realistic... Continue reading

Matrox MXO2 Mini Presentation

Why buy an I/O card and a breakout box when you can get all the features of both in one of the Matrox MXO2 products? These award-winning devices can easily be moved among the Mac Pros in your facility, installed in an OB van, or taken on the road with a MacBook Pro. You get highly-reliable, broadcast-quality video and audio input/output and HDMI video monitoring with the unique Matrox calibration controls... Continue reading

AJA Video Contest – 30 seconds of video passion and creativity

  The FCPUGs in Hungary, Belgium and Dublin Present the AJA Video Contest! 30 seconds of video passion and creativity are judged according to style and technical level. First prize includes an AJA Io Express along with a multitude of software and hardware perks such as Red Giant Software’s Magic Bullet Suite 2010, $200 gift certificate from MotionVFX, CoreMelt’s Complete V2 and so much more! Contest... Continue reading

Any project, Any platform, Any budget …One partner.

Το νέο εικαστικό της έντυπης διαφημιστικής καμπάνιας της AmyDV θα τρέξει στο περιοδικό RadioTVLink δίπλα στην αποκλειστική συνέντευξη του νεου προέδρου της Harris, κου Harris Morris στο περιοδικό. {filelink=6}  Η κεντρική ιδέα είναι απλή και... Continue reading

Adobe CS5 Production Premium Support for Matrox Axio and RT.X2

  The official release of Matrox Axio and RT.X2 drivers for Adobe CS5 Production Premium is available for download. We have worked on optimizing our realtime playback engine to operate natively in the Windows 64-bit architecture and on providing the tightest integration ever with Premiere Pro. The work we have done will provide you with increased stability and enhancements to the Adobe Mercury Playback... Continue reading

Presentations! Our new section

Presentations: We welcome you to our new section! A new section launched today on the website of AmyDV, Presentations. The team of AmyDV selects and presents each time a product stand out on the market. Our target is to provide you all the information and features for this product, and where we can, share our experiences from using the product. We have already started with three presentations to... Continue reading

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