AJA goes cross-platform


AJA goes cross-platform

March 15, 2010 News Press Releases Production, Post Production 0

As of March 15, 2010, the XENA product line will be merged with our award winning KONA line, to supply both PC and Mac users with a single set of cross-platform solutions. XENA and KONA have long used the same industry-leading hardware with tailored software unique to each platform. To add value for customers, we will be packaging each KONA card with both Mac and PC software, so they can be used on either platform—or both. The hardware and software are the same–only the name and package have been changed to give our customers twice the software and ease-of-use on all platforms. This new naming will allow you to more easily carry inventory for any need while at the same time simplifying your marketing and sales efforts. The successful introduction of Io Express as a cross-platform solution, under one product name, reflects the ease and simplicity we hope to achieve with a unified cross-platform KONA.


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