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Video channel time delays with lossless quality, flexibility and PlayBox reliability.

Playbox timeshift

Video channel time delays with lossless quality, flexibility and PlayBox reliability. The perfect solution for all time shifts including +1, +2, +24 to +1 week   Lossless image quality, high reliability, low cost – TimeShiftBox is a dedicated product to meet the needs of satellite teleports, telecoms, international broadcasters and TV networks for delayed TV channel playout. As standard it provides... Continue reading

New BOXX Workstation Delivers High Performance at a Low Price


AUSTIN, TEXAS, February 16, 2010—BOXX Technologies, the leading authority on dedicated rendering and innovator in high-performance computing systems for visual effects, post production, product design, and advanced visualization, today announced the debut of the BOXX Bantam, a compact, high performance workstation designed for budget-conscious design professionals.   “In the past, if you ran a... Continue reading


Matrox RT.X2 box

Aν είστε ένας επαγγελματίας video editor που σας ενδιαφέρει να αξιοποιήσετ όσο το δυνατόν περισσότερο το Adobe Premiere Pro και το Adobe Production Studio τότε χρειάζεστε το Matrox RT.X2. Eίναι ιδανικό για επιχειρησιακή επικοινωνία, όσους δημιουργούν... Continue reading

HARRIS meetings,17-19 of March 2010 (fully booked)

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Mr Sean Meehan of Harris Broadcast Communication Division, and specialised in the portfolio of software will be visiting Greece from the 17th to the 19th of March. With him Mr Valter Bodignon and Mr David Chalkidis will be visiting all major broadcasters i Greece to explain the necessity and the advantages of using a high caliber suite of applications to complement their respective operations. All... Continue reading