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New corporation with Teradek, LLC

Teradek offers a wide range of video encoder solutions, from the feather weight camera-top Cube designed to broadcast live video over WiFi from any handheld HD video camera, to the ultra-rugged Chimera which can encode any HD video input including HDMI and 3G-SDI.

Teradek’s high definition network video codecs are changing the very essence of video distribution. HD video encoders allow unprecedented access to personalized broadcasting. Commercially, HD video encoders are being used in the most advanced AV integrations in the world today. From telemedicine, to religious broadcasting, to government video, to streaming your daughter’s first soccer game, IP video is changing the way we communicate.

About Teradek, LLC

Teradek is a privately held R&D company offering a wide range of state-of-the-art networking video products. Teradek is located in Irvine, the heart of southern California’s “Titanium Coast.” Irvine is a technology hotbed surrounded by top engineering schools and supported by a healthy ecosystem of technology vendors. 

Teradek has assembled world-class hardware and software engineering teams. Our engineers are industry leaders in the fields of video compression, networking, video recording, and content distribution. Teradek engineers work closely with top IC and SoC manufacturers as an integral technology partner. Teradek is the world leader in applying H.264 video compression technology. Teradek participates in mentoring programs with top engineering schools to provide top engineering talents with real-world experience in the video industry.

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