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Revolution in Color Correction

davinci RESOLVE

We have made some big changes to how DaVinci color correction systems are sold. In the past DaVinci Resolve systems were pre built and priced from $200,000 for a 1 GPU based system, to over $800,000 for a 16 GPU top of the line system. However this has been way too expensive for most people to afford, so we have been working hard to fix that. In the last 6 months we have invested millions in expanding DaVinci engineering, and have been working on a new updated version of DaVinci Resolve 7.0 software. This new update includes a complete overhaul of the user interface, a new EDL library, new database support, improved field support and much more.

Plus we are now introducing 3 models of DaVinci Resolve. A new Mac based software only version, a Mac based version that includes the incredible DaVinci control surface, and a high end Linux version that lets you build multiple GPU supercomputer based systems for unlimited power. We are also making it easy to upgrade as you need more power.

The new Mac based software only version of DaVinci Resolve will retail at around € 1000 depending on whether you will buy with or without the I/O hardware and includes all the powerful DaVinci Resolve features. When running on a Mac it does not mean it’s limited on power!

It’s a fantastic solution for SD and HD, and even works in 2K. You can rotate images, re-frame, add corrections, blurs and trackers, and then just hit play. It’s all real time. This really is a true high end color correction system! DaVinci Resolve might be affordable now, but it’s still a high end solution, so requires a third party control panel such as the Tangent Wave, and single CUDA capable GPU card.

Next is the main DaVinci Resolve model that includes both the Mac based software and the incredible DaVinci Resolve Control Surface. This control surface is amazing and lets you adjust settings in DaVinci with over 60 knobs and buttons. You can work incredibly fast while keeping your head up and looking at the grading monitor. You get the same power of a single GPU system and because it’s Mac based, you can install it yourself. The DaVinci control surface is so incredibly fast to use, and this is an incredible solution! DaVinci Resolve with the full control surface will be priced at €29,995.

Finally, when you’re working with heavy corrections in HD, 2K, 4K or even 3D, we have a Linux software upgrade that can be added to the DaVinci Resolve Control Surface for US$19,995. This is a full DaVinci Resolve Linux license, and lets you connect your control surface into Linux computers that have more slots to allow more GPUs to be installed for faster processing.

We think this new DaVinci product lineup will make it easy for beginners to get started with a professional product, as well as allow high end facilities to install the seriously powerful systems they need for feature film work without breaking the bank. DaVinci Resolve on Mac at US$995 is the same user interface and has the same features as the Linux version, so it’s easy to move up as you need more power. The features are absolutely identical, apart from the limitations of using a single GPU based system.

Also, as a special treat to all existing DaVinci customers, anyone who has a DaVinci Resolve or Splice will get this new version 7 software at no charge. Also, anyone who has an older DaVinci 2K system can use the control surface they have, and upgrade to DaVinci Resolve just by paying the Linux license only.

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