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Next generation Real-time graphics engine at CreteTV

The Inscriber® G5™ XT broadcast graphics system delivers a robust and complete HD/SD live-to-air solution. It pairs the powerful Altitude™ Express graphics board — offering video capture, HD/SD downconversion, integrated DVE effects and hardware-based video clip playback — with Inscriber G-Scribe™ creation and playout software.

Housed in a 3RU chassis, the G5 XT platform delivers flawless 2D and 3D realtime graphics in either SD or HD. It can easily be incorporated into the workflow of any automated, live news/sports broadcast environment through the use of Intelligent Interface® or MOS protocols, or via the unique Harris® Direct Control™ 2 interface. Available in a single- or dual-channel configuration and with standard features ranging from the support of embedded/discrete AES audio to end-to-end media file management, Inscriber G5 XT is a powerful yet affordable solution for broadcasters that demand the best in an all-in-one graphics system.


  • G-Scribe advanced graphics software
  • Strata Compositing — seemingly separate channels/layers output as one channel
  • RapidFire software playback capability
  • Automation Interface for Intelligent Interface® system control
  • Connectus® integration (Connectus software sold separately)
  • Overlay persistent objects
  • 3D scene playback capability (Collada or G-3D formats)
  • RTX NET scripting
  • Quick Edit mode for rapid data entry
  • Integrated media store, with the ability to store, manage, retrieve and play out media files
  • Open database connectivity (ODBC) to databases and spreadsheets; displays RSS feeds
  • SD/HD-switchable
  • Hardware-scaled SD downconversion on a single channel
  • Embedded and discrete AES audio capability (16 channels)
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Timecode support
  • 2-2D DVE Effects for live video squeezeback
  • Real-time 2D animation creation and playback
  • Front-mounted, swappable system and media drives


  • Dual-channel configuration available ― featuring additional I/O channel and dedicated GPU for uncompromised playback on the second channel
  • HD/SD simulcasting (requires the second channel option)
  • G-3D design tool for 3D scene creation and editing
  • Inscriber RTX NET ports
  • MOS Integration
  • Video clip playback with support for most software codecs, including Quicktime®
  • Live video ingest to LTV or MPEG
  • 3D Chart Creation
  • Direct Control 2 remote playlist creation and control
  • Integrated Paint tool including Adobe® Photoshop® PSD import with layer support
  • RapidFire keyboard
  • G-Scribe Offline creation software